Where to Buy a Metrocard Adelaide

You can get a metroCARD in Adelaide at different places. Visit an Adelaide Metro InfoCentre in Mile End, Marion, Elizabeth, Adelaide, or Colonnades for help. Or, pick up a metroCARD at a nearby newsagent, post office, or convenience store.

You can also buy or top up your metroCARD online on the Adelaide Metro website. If you're in a hurry, use vending machines at stops, stations, trains, or trams to add $5 or $10 at a time.

With plenty of options available, navigating Adelaide is much simpler. What's next? You're almost an expert on Adelaide's public transport system.


  • You can buy metroCARDs at Adelaide Metro InfoCentres in Mile End, Marion, Elizabeth, Adelaide, and Colonnades.
  • Buy metroCARDs at newsagents, post offices, and convenience stores around the city and suburbs.
  • Purchase metroCARDs online on the Adelaide Metro website. You can also manage your account and recharge online.
  • Recharge your metroCARD at vending machines at stops, stations, trains, and trams. You can use credit/debit cards or coins.
  • Top up your metroCARD in $5 amounts at specific RAA Shops, or set up auto-recharge for convenience.

Adelaide Metro InfoCentres

public transportation assistance centers

You can visit Adelaide Metro InfoCentres in Mile End, Marion, Elizabeth, Adelaide, and Colonnades. Here, you can buy metroCARDs, top up your credit, and get info on public transport.

The friendly staff can help you buy Regular, Concession, or Student metroCARDs and answer any transport questions. These InfoCentres are your go-to for all things public transport.

With metroCARDs on hand, you can easily use Adelaide's public transport system. Visit an InfoCentre for a smooth travel experience with convenient locations and helpful staff.

Retail Outlets Selling Metrocards

When you're looking to buy a Metrocard in Adelaide, you'll find them at newsagents, post offices, or convenience stores nearby.

It's easy to get started with your travels as these outlets are scattered throughout the city and suburbs.

You're likely to find a place selling Metrocards just around the corner.

Where to Buy

Metrocards are up for grabs at various shops around Adelaide, like Mile End, Marion, Elizabeth, Adelaide, and Colonnades. When hopping on Adelaide's public transport, you'll need a metrocard for your fare.

Pick the right one for you – Regular, Student, Concession, or a freebie if you have a South Australian Seniors Card. Prices differ, but expect to shell out $5.00 for a Regular card or $3.50 for a Student or Concession card.

Top up your metrocard in $5.00 increments at specific RAA Shops. For in-store buys, head to designated spots or check the Adelaide Metro website for more info.

Newsagents and Post Offices

Newsagents and Post Offices in Adelaide make it easy to buy and top up your metroCARD. You can get Regular, Concession, or Student metroCARDs there, which makes using public transport a breeze. When you buy your metroCARD, you can pay with cash, credit, or debit cards.

Having a metroCARD has many perks – you can hop on buses, trains, and trams all around Adelaide. And you can reload it whenever you need to, so getting around the city is simple. With metroCARDs at Newsagents and Post Offices, you're all set to explore Adelaide hassle-free.

Convenience Stores Nearby

You can buy and top up your metroCARD at several convenience stores in Mile End, Marion, Elizabeth, Adelaide, and Colonnades. These nearby stores make it easy to get your metroCARD and use Adelaide Metro services.

At these shops, you can purchase a Regular, Student, Concession, or South Australian Seniors Card metroCARD. Just visit one of these stores to start exploring Adelaide.

Check the Adelaide Metro website for the full list of stores selling metroCARDs near you.

Online Purchase and Recharge Options

electronic transaction convenience options

Easily buy or top up your metroCARD on the Adelaide Metro website from home. Manage your metroCARD account online to add money or get a new card.

Use credit or debit cards for online payments to refill your balance. This modern way of ticketing lets you travel without cash or waiting in line.

Recharge your metroCARD online whenever it suits you, so you're always ready to travel in Adelaide. Save time and effort with this hassle-free option for a smoother commute.

Vending Machines for Recharge

When you need to top up your metroCARD, you can use vending machines on trains, trams, and at stops.

These machines take credit/debit cards or coins, allowing you to recharge in $5-$10 increments up to $200.

Let's see where to find these machines and how you can recharge your card.

Machine Locations

You can easily top up your metroCARD at vending machines located at various stops and stations around Adelaide. These machines accept credit/debit cards and coins, but remember, cash isn't accepted at stops and stations.

You can also recharge your metroCARD on trains and trams with on-board vending machines. It's simple and quick, ensuring you always have enough funds for your travels.

The payment options are convenient, and topping up your card is a breeze with these accessible machines.

Card Recharge Options

You can top up your metroCARD at various spots around Adelaide using vending machines that accept different types of payments. These machines are found on trains, trams, stops, and stations, so you can easily add money to your card while you're out and about.

At vending machines, you can recharge your metroCARD in $5 to $10 increments, up to $200. Onboard machines take credit/debit cards and coins, while those at stops and stations only take card payments. This means you can recharge your metroCARD anytime and anywhere you need to.

These handy recharge options make it simple for you to focus on enjoying your travels around Adelaide.

Metrocard Recharge Methods

convenient and efficient options

It's easy to add money to your metroCARD with different convenient options available. You can recharge online, at vending machines, or at the InfoCentre in Adelaide Railway Station.

To manually top up, you can use online metroCARD accounts, visit the InfoCentre, buy from retailers, or use on-board vending machines.

For extra convenience, set up auto recharge through your online account, a phone call, or an InfoCentre visit. You can also recharge using your mobile app, with various payment choices.

Keep an eye on your balance and set up auto recharge to ensure you always have credit when you need it.

Managing Your Metrocard Account

Now that your metroCARD is topped up and good to go, let's dive into the perks of looking after your metroCARD account.

You can handle multiple cards and transactions all in one spot. By managing your account, you can register and oversee up to eight metroCARDs, making it simple to keep an eye on your balances and transactions.

If you misplace your card, no worries! You can shift the balance to a new one, ensuring your travel plans stay on track.

Online options let you recharge your cards, buy passes, and even set up automatic top-ups for convenience. You can also update your personal info and review your transaction history effortlessly.

Public Transportation Services

efficient public transport system

Adelaide's buses, trains, and trams make it easy to travel around the city. The public transport is quick and stress-free, getting you to where you need to go without any hassle.

Get yourself a Metrocard to enjoy smooth journeys all over the network. It's convenient, flexible, and budget-friendly. Topping up your card in $5 increments is simple, making it a great choice for daily trips or occasional rides.

Adelaide's public transport system is well-connected, so you can explore the city without needing a car. Grab a Metrocard and start your Adelaide adventure hassle-free.

Alternative Ticketing Options

There are more ways to pay for your public transport than just using MetroTickets. As paper tickets are being phased out, it's important to know about other options.

You can try the Adelaide Metro mobile app, which lets you buy tickets and add money to your account easily. The app accepts different payment methods, so managing your travel costs is simple. If you need assistance, customer service can help with fares or any problems you face.

Don't forget to check out the savings estimator tool to pick the best ticket for your trips. It's essential to explore these new options to make your travel smooth without paper tickets.


You've got your Metrocard, and now you're all set to hop on Adelaide's public transport system hassle-free. Remember, you can easily add money to your card at an InfoCentre, store, or online.

If your balance is getting low, just grab some cash and visit a vending machine. With your Metrocard, you can freely explore Adelaide's lively streets, beautiful coastal routes, and charming suburbs.

Enjoy your travels!

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