Where Does the Ghan Leave From in Adelaide

You'll start your Ghan trip at the Adelaide Parklands Terminal, also known as Keswick Terminal, located 3km from Adelaide's city center on Richmond Road. This spot is handy with various accommodation choices nearby, and a taxi ride from the city center costs about $15.

As you gear up for your adventure, get set to explore the Australian outback, where breathtaking views, unforgettable moments, and excitement await. Once you hop on board, you'll realize this is just the start of an amazing journey that will leave you craving more.


  • The Ghan train leaves from Adelaide Parklands Terminal, also known as Keswick Terminal, on Richmond Road, Keswick SA 5035.
  • The terminal is about 3km from Adelaide city center, and a taxi ride there costs around $15.
  • You can easily get to the terminal from nearby places you might be staying at.
  • From the Adelaide Parklands Terminal, you'll start an exciting journey on The Ghan train to Darwin.
  • The trip on The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin takes about 54 hours, covering over 3,000 kilometers through the Aussie outback.

Departure Point in Adelaide

adelaide s central bus station

When you're all set to kick off your journey on the Ghan, head over to Adelaide Parklands Terminal, also known as Keswick Terminal. It's the spot where this famous train adventure begins. You can find it on Richmond Road, Keswick SA 5035, just 3km from the city center. Getting there by taxi will cost you around $15, easy as pie.

Before you hop on board, think about booking a place to stay nearby. You've got options from budget motels to fancy hotels. Ticket prices vary based on the service class and availability, so it's smart to plan ahead and book early to snag the best deals.

With flexible departure times and easy access, Adelaide Parklands Terminal is the ideal kick-off point for your Ghan journey.

The Ghan Journey Explained

Get ready to hop on The Ghan at Adelaide Parklands Terminal for an epic train journey across Australia. You'll enjoy comfy cabins, delicious meals, and friendly staff. But the real treat is the stunning scenery along the way.

Picture starting your trip with a view of the MacDonnell Ranges, catching the sunrise at Finke Gorge, and exploring the ancient Outback landscapes. Heading north, you'll see a mix of rugged mountains and vast plains.

The Ghan isn't just a ride from Adelaide to Darwin – it's an adventure packed with unforgettable moments.

Route Options and Durations

travel route and times

When you board The Ghan in Adelaide, you can pick between Explorer class or Platinum class.

The journey covers over 3,000 kilometers through the Australian outback, taking about 54 hours to reach Darwin from Adelaide.

You can tailor your trip according to what suits you best. Whether you like the cozy vibe of Explorer class or the fancy feel of Platinum class, you'll enjoy stunning views of the MacDonnell Ranges, Katherine Gorge, and more.

No matter which option you go for, get ready for an amazing adventure through the heart of Australia.

Stops Along the Way

Three important stops are coming up on The Ghan's trip from Adelaide to Darwin. You'll get to explore Port Augusta, Alice Springs, and Katherine along the way.

In Port Augusta, you can enjoy the beautiful coastal views and check out the Wadlata Outback Centre to discover the area's history.

Alice Springs offers the stunning MacDonnell Ranges and a lively cultural scene.

Lastly, in Katherine, you can cruise through Nitmiluk National Park or relax at the Katherine Hot Springs.

Each stop gives you a taste of Australia's rugged Outback, so make sure to soak it all in!

Booking and Package Details

travel booking information provided

Now that you've checked out all the amazing stops along the way, it's time to lock in your journey by booking your spot on The Ghan. We've got the package details to help you plan.

When booking, you have two options: Platinum Service or Gold Service. Platinum Service offers fancy amenities, like free transfers to the Adelaide Parklands Terminal, while Gold Service is a more budget-friendly choice. You can tailor your travel packages to suit your needs, whether you're going solo or on a family trip.

With different booking options to choose from, you'll surely find the perfect fit for your Australian outback adventure. Check out the travel packages in detail and start planning your unforgettable journey on The Ghan today!


Get ready for your Ghan adventure starting from the Adelaide Parklands Terminal. This is where the excitement kicks off! You have different route options and durations to choose from, making it easy to fit into your schedule.

Along the way, you'll see the rugged beauty of Australia with stops that will take your breath away. So, grab your ticket and prepare for an unforgettable experience!

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