Things to Do in Adelaide With Kids

Get ready to have a blast with your kids in Adelaide! Visit Adelaide Zoo to meet 2,500 animals and try out cool programs like Zoo Snooze. Take a ride on the Glenelg Tram for a trip to Glenelg Beach, where you can relax in the sun and have fun on the beach. Explore the beautiful Adelaide Botanic Garden, which has over 50 programs and colorful gardens like the Children's Garden. Enjoy paddle boating and family picnics at Bonython Park, or delve into cultural wonders at the South Australian Museum. There are plenty of exciting adventures waiting for your little explorers to enjoy!


  • Check out Adelaide Zoo with 2,500 animals for some outdoor fun.
  • Hop on the tram to Glenelg Beach for a great family day trip.
  • Explore the Adelaide Botanic Garden with cool interactive displays.
  • Have a blast at Bonython Park with paddle boating.
  • Dive into culture at the South Australian Museum for an enriching experience.

Outdoor Adventures at Adelaide Zoo

zoo offers outdoor activities

Discover exciting adventures at Adelaide Zoo with your kids. Get up close with animals, listen to keepers, and learn about wildlife. Meet 2,500 animals from 250 species in their natural habitats. Enjoy hands-on experiences and keeper talks that teach about conservation. Let your children engage with nature through interactive exhibits. Join programs like Zoo Snooze for a night in the animal world. Adelaide Zoo is a place for fun learning and making memories with your family.

Tram Ride to Glenelg Beach

Catch a tram to Glenelg Beach, a top spot for families in Adelaide. The old-school tram adds a cool touch to your trip, perfect for everyone. When you jump on, get ready for stunning views of the coast. The ride from Adelaide's city centre to Glenelg is about 12 kilometres and is a great time, passing cool areas and famous spots. Once you arrive in Glenelg, the fun keeps going with beach fun, shops, cafes, and things to see. With its top rating and awesome reviews, the Glenelg Tram promises a ripper day out for you and your kids.

Adelaide Botanic Garden Exploration

exploring adelaide botanic garden

When you wander around Adelaide Botanic Garden with your kids, you'll find lots of cool things to see. From the peaceful Japanese-style Himeji Garden to the fun exhibits at the nearby Art Gallery of South Australia, there's heaps of stuff for families to enjoy. These hands-on learning experiences offer a great mix of fun and education for a fantastic day out with your little ones.

Garden Highlights for Kids

Explore the awesome Children's Garden at Adelaide Botanic Garden! It's packed with fun play areas and cool things to see and touch, perfect for young adventurers. Kids can have a blast discovering nature and plants in this super fun space. They can also join the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden program to learn all about growing yummy veggies and flowers, getting them excited about gardening. Be sure to take a walk on the boardwalk at First Creek Wetland, where your little ones can spy on turtles, waterbirds, and other cool water creatures. And make sure to check out the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion with its huge lily pads and exotic plants that will amaze them. With fun tours and programs, Adelaide Botanic Garden is a top spot for kids to have a great time while learning cool stuff.

Interactive Learning Opportunities

Discover a range of fun learning activities for kids at Adelaide Botanic Garden. Your children can join in over 50 educational programs and events.

  1. Explore nature: Your little ones can wander through different gardens and find all sorts of plants.
  2. Find plants: With 2,500 plant species to see, your kids will be amazed by the cool plants all around.
  3. Get hands-on: Let your children take part in workshops and tours to learn about nature and how to look after it.
  4. Learn with exhibits: Interactive displays teach kids about saving the environment, protecting animals, and keeping nature safe.

At Adelaide Botanic Garden, kids can have a blast while learning all about the natural world.

Family-Friendly Activities

Families can have a great time at Adelaide Botanic Garden with lots of activities for kids. They can go on nature scavenger hunts and learn about different plants in the garden. For those who like art, there are workshops to create botanical art inspired by the garden. These activities are fun and educational for kids of all ages. With trails, gardens, and exhibits to explore, Adelaide Botanic Garden is a top spot for families looking for a mix of fun and learning in Adelaide.

Fun Day at Bonython Park

Planning a fun day at Bonython Park with your kids? Get ready for a mix of activities. The playgrounds and picnic spots are perfect for a relaxed family outing. Don't forget to try paddle boating on the lake for some added adventure.

Playground and Picnic

Bring your kids to Bonython Park in Adelaide for a fun day out! The playground has lots of games for the kids to enjoy. Pack some yummy snacks for a picnic while the kids play. There's plenty of open grassy areas for outdoor activities too. Make use of the BBQ facilities and shaded spots for a relaxed day with the family. Bonython Park is a top spot for outdoor fun and family time in Adelaide.

Paddle Boating Experience

Enjoy a fun day at Bonython Park with paddle boating! Stay safe with our paddle boating rules, so you can have a worry-free time on the water. Cruise along the river in our cool boats and take in the beautiful views. Challenge your kids to friendly races in the paddle boats and make special memories by the park and Torrens River. Kids will have a blast steering the boat like little captains. It's a budget-friendly activity for families in Adelaide. Have a relaxing and fun day at Bonython Park with paddle boating!

Cultural Experience at South Australian Museum

exploring south australian culture

Discover a fascinating cultural experience at the South Australian Museum in Adelaide, where you can explore over 5 million objects.

  1. Join in cultural workshops to learn about Aboriginal heritage and traditions.
  2. Explore the Megafauna exhibition showcasing huge ancient creatures and take part in educational programs to discover their history.
  3. Take guided tours to uncover interesting facts about Ancient Egypt, Australian wildlife, and more.
  4. Visit this popular attraction in Adelaide with 1,446 reviews, offering an immersive learning experience for families.

With free entry, families can enjoy diverse cultural artifacts and scientific displays, making it a great place to spark curiosity and delve into the wonders of history and culture.

Interactive Exhibits at MOD

Experience interactive exhibits at MOD. in Adelaide. Dive into science, art, and innovation. Discover hands-on activities that spark curiosity and imagination. Explore art that blends creativity and technology. MOD. offers a fun experience for all ages. Learn and participate in new ideas. With a top rating of 5.0 out of 5 bubbles, MOD. is a must-see in Adelaide for science and art enthusiasts.

Family Fun at Glenelg Adventure Playground

exciting adventures for families

Families can have a blast at the Glenelg Adventure Playground in Adelaide. Here are four fun things to do:

  1. Hop on the big wooden pirate ship for an exciting adventure.
  2. Build awesome sandcastles in the play areas.
  3. Go on treasure hunts around the playground.
  4. Have a great time by the beach with climbing frames, swings, and picnic spots.

With the playground right by the beach, families can have a fantastic day full of fun and laughter.

Animal Encounters at Cleland Wildlife Park

Come and meet kangaroos, wallabies, and emus at Cleland Wildlife Park in Adelaide! You can feed and pet these animals up close, which is great for kids and adults. Learn all about Australian wildlife and where they live while you interact with them. Cleland Wildlife Park is in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, making it a perfect setting for your animal encounters. Join the guided tours and listen to the keeper talks to understand more about these special animals and how they behave. Have a fun and educational day at Cleland Wildlife Park!

Water Play at Marion Aquatic Centre

fun in the sun

Dive into the fun at Marion Aquatic Centre in Adelaide! Here's why you should come:

  1. Thrilling slides: Feel the rush as you zoom down the water slides – great for everyone.
  2. Splashy fun: Kids can have a blast in the splash zones, keeping them happy all day.
  3. Family time: Have a great time with your loved ones in a safe, family-friendly place.
  4. Chill by the pool: Relax by the pool while the kids play, making special memories. Marion Aquatic Centre has excitement and relaxation for an awesome family day out!


With heaps of fun things to do, Adelaide is a top spot for a family holiday. Explore the Adelaide Zoo, take a tram to Glenelg Beach, or have a blast at the Glenelg Adventure Playground. There's something for everyone to enjoy, so pack your bags, grab the kids, and get set for an awesome adventure in Adelaide!

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