Restaurants on the Beach Adelaide

Looking for a great place to eat by the beach in Adelaide? Check out The Oyster Bar in Glenelg for fresh oysters and wine with a beautiful view of the water. Fuego by the Sea in West Beach mixes Argentinian, Spanish, and Italian flavors for a cozy dining experience. Seamores in Henley Beach offers tasty Mexican dishes in a trendy, neon-themed setting. If you want top-notch seafood and stunning views, head to Star of Greece in Port Willunga. For a relaxed breakfast by the water, Joes Kiosk in Henley Beach is the perfect spot. Enjoy a delicious meal with a seaside vibe at these fantastic restaurants.


  • The Oyster Bar at Glenelg offers a range of delicious oyster dishes right by the water at Marina Pier.
  • Fuego by the Sea in West Beach serves up a mix of Argentinian, Spanish, and Italian flavors.
  • Seamores at Henley Beach serves Mexican food and cocktails in a cool neon-themed spot.
  • Star of Greece in Port Willunga is a top-notch restaurant with breathtaking views and great seafood.
  • Joes Kiosk at Henley Beach has a chill beachfront atmosphere with amazing water views and a diverse menu.

Glenelg: The Oyster Bar

seafood delight in glenelg

Looking for a great dining spot by the water? Visit The Oyster Bar at Glenelg's Marina Pier. This place is famous for its oysters and wine pairings, perfect for oyster fans in Adelaide. Imagine sitting at a table by the water, feeling the gentle breeze and hearing the waves. The menu at The Oyster Bar has a range of tasty oyster dishes to try. Whether you like fresh shucked oysters or cooked ones, this waterfront spot is a relaxing place to enjoy them with fine wines.

West Beach: Fuego by the Sea

Looking for a tasty meal with Argentinian, Spanish, and Italian flavors? Check out Fuego by the Sea in West Beach. This cozy restaurant blends different cooking styles to excite your taste buds. While dining at Fuego by the Sea, enjoy top-notch food and beautiful ocean views. The menu offers a mix of Argentinian, Spanish, and Italian dishes, perfect for food lovers in West Beach. Whether you prefer bold Argentinian tastes, savory Spanish treats, or classic Italian dishes, Fuego by the Sea has something for everyone.

Henley Beach: Seamores

beachfront dining at seamores

Experience a vibrant dining spot at Seamores in Henley Beach, where you can enjoy Mexican dishes and cocktails in a funky neon-themed setting. This trendy beachfront eatery offers a fresh take on traditional beachside dining, with its neon decor and lively flavors standing out. Seamores, previously known as Henley Kiosk, has undergone a chic transformation to cater to visitors looking for a memorable dining experience. The colorful ambiance and inventive menu make Seamores a stylish choice for those wanting a unique beachside meal. Whether you fancy a refreshing cocktail or tasty Mexican cuisine, Seamores in Henley Beach guarantees a fun atmosphere and a contemporary dining experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Port Willunga: Star of Greece

Seamores in Henley Beach is a lively dining spot, while Star of Greece in Port Willunga is an award-winning restaurant known for its stunning views and delicious seafood. Here, you can enjoy:

  1. Amazing Views: Take in the beautiful sights of Gulf St Vincent as you enjoy your meal.
  2. Fresh Seafood: Taste the best seafood South Australia has to offer, made with local ingredients.
  3. Great Wine Selection: Pair your meal with the perfect wine to enhance the flavors.

Star of Greece offers a picturesque dining experience, showcasing South Australia's culinary delights against a backdrop of ocean views. It's a must-visit for those who love tasty food, stunning scenery, and unforgettable moments.

Henley Beach: Joes Kiosk

beachside dining at henley

When you walk into Joe's Kiosk at Henley Beach, you're welcomed by a lovely beachfront vibe that sets the perfect mood for a enjoyable dining experience. The stunning water views add a sense of peace to your meal, creating a calm atmosphere that's perfect for a relaxed breakfast. With a varied menu offering tasty breakfast choices, this local hotspot combines delicious food with beautiful surroundings for a memorable visit.

Dining at Joes

Nestled by the sea at Henley Beach, Joes Kiosk invites you to enjoy a tasty breakfast with these highlights:

  1. Yummy breakfast: Treat yourself to delicious options like fluffy pancakes with maple syrup or eggs benedict with crispy bacon.
  2. Seaside dining: Dine with a view of the ocean, feeling the cool breeze and hearing the waves nearby.
  3. Chill vibes: Relax in the cozy atmosphere at Joes Kiosk, perfect for a laid-back breakfast or brunch by the beach.

Every bite at Joes Kiosk is a moment to cherish in this beautiful seaside spot.

Beachfront Ambiance

Relax at Joes Kiosk in Henley Beach, where you can soak up the beach vibes while enjoying a tasty breakfast. Positioned by the water, you'll feel the ocean breeze as you dig into a delicious beachside brunch. Joes Kiosk isn't just a place for food; it's a seaside experience that embodies coastal living. This popular spot attracts locals and tourists alike with its yummy dishes and the calming sound of waves. The chilled-out atmosphere fits perfectly with the beach scene, making it a great spot to kick back, enjoy a meal, and take in the beautiful views.

Henley Beach: Estia

Come on down to Estia in Henley Beach where you can enjoy the delicious flavors of Greece right by the beach. The menu has a variety of traditional Greek dishes to try, all while you take in the beautiful sunset views. Estia is the perfect spot for a Mediterranean dining experience by the sea.

Estia's Greek Cuisine

Experience the taste of Greece with a modern twist at Estia in Henley Beach. Enjoy stunning sunset views while savoring classic Greek dishes with a contemporary flair.

At Estia, you'll delight in authentic Greek flavors crafted from fresh local ingredients that embody the essence of Mediterranean cuisine.

Treat yourself to traditional Greek favorites like souvlaki, moussaka, grilled octopus, and refreshing Greek salad, all expertly prepared for your enjoyment.

Every bite at Estia is a delicious journey through Greece, set against the backdrop of beautiful Henley Beach. Don't miss out on this perfect spot for amazing food and breathtaking views.

Beachfront Dining Experience

Experience the beachside vibes at Estia in Henley Beach, where the Mediterranean flavors are a hit, especially during sunset. Imagine this: a gentle breeze, the soothing sound of waves, and the sky painted with shades of orange and pink while you enjoy coastal dishes at Estia. The outdoor seating offers stunning sunset views by the beach, creating a magical atmosphere for your dining pleasure. Dive into traditional Greek food while soaking up the seaside charm, taking your meal to a whole new level. Estia is known for its beautiful beach setting, providing a dining experience that captures the essence of Mediterranean cuisine against a backdrop of a gorgeous sunset.

Henley Beach: Mia Margherita

beachside dining with flair

Step into Mia Margherita at Henley Beach for a fun dining experience filled with tasty Mexican flavors and colorful cocktails. The bright neon decor and lively vibe create a playful atmosphere perfect for a beachside meal. Here's how to make the most of your visit:

  1. Enjoy the Food: Treat yourself to a range of delicious Mexican dishes that will excite your taste buds.
  2. Try the Drinks: Check out their selection of colorful cocktails that pair perfectly with the bold flavors of the food.
  3. Soak in the Atmosphere: Take in the vibrant decor and seating options that add to the lively feel of Mia Margherita.

At Mia Margherita, get ready for a yummy and visually appealing dining experience.

Henley Beach: Bacchus

If you're after a fun beach bar in Henley Beach, check out Bacchus. It's a lively spot with music, tapas, and a pet-friendly vibe. Situated in the heart of Henley Beach, Bacchus is a great place to share tasty tapas with mates. What makes Bacchus special is that it's welcoming to pets, so everyone can enjoy the beachy atmosphere. The bar is always buzzing with live music, adding to the excitement of your night out. Whether you want to have a good time with friends or chill by the beach with your furry friend, Bacchus has it all in a lively and friendly setting.

Henley Beach: Secrets by the Sea

beach secrets whispered waves

When you eat at Secrets by the Sea in Henley Beach, you'll enjoy tasty meals with a beachfront view, highlighting the best local seafood. Watching the sunset adds a special touch to your dining experience, creating a memorable moment by the sea. Secrets by the Sea captures the essence of coastal dining, offering not just food but a journey celebrating ocean flavors.

Beachfront Dining Options

Located right on the beach in Henley Beach, Secrets by the Sea is a fantastic choice for amazing dining with an ocean view. This upscale restaurant offers the freshest seafood dishes with the calming sound of waves in the background. Their menu has a great selection of seafood and grill options, perfect for anyone who loves ocean flavors. Secrets by the Sea provides a peaceful and laid-back setting where you can enjoy the beautiful water views while you eat. Whether you adore seafood or just want a memorable dining experience by the beach, this place will definitely leave you wanting more.

Local Seafood Specialties

Indulge in the best local seafood at Secrets by the Sea in Henley Beach. Enjoy stunning ocean views while savoring delicious seafood dishes. This lovely restaurant is famous for its perfect seafood combos and local treats, making it a great choice for seafood lovers. From grilled fish to tasty shellfish, Secrets by the Sea has a range of fresh and top-quality seafood options that showcase local flavors. The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant enhances your dining experience, making it the ideal spot to enjoy seafood by the beach. Treat yourself to a memorable meal with the taste of the sea at Secrets by the Sea.

Sunset Views Ambiance

Experience the stunning sunset views at Secrets by the Sea in Henley Beach. Enjoy beachside cocktails and feel the calming evening breeze. Indulge in a delicious seafood feast while witnessing the sunset's vibrant colors reflecting off the ocean. Let the combination of fantastic seafood and the beautiful seaside setting take you to a place of peace and happiness. Your dining experience at Secrets by the Sea will be truly memorable.

Adelaide Riverbank: Malt Shovel Taphouse

Experience the lively dining vibe at Malt Shovel Taphouse on Adelaide Riverbank. Enjoy awesome views of Adelaide Oval and the Torrens River while sipping on craft beer. The menu features Aussie meats and specially curated dishes for a delicious meal with a view of Adelaide's cityscape. Whether it's a casual hangout or a special celebration, Malt Shovel Taphouse's cool and modern atmosphere suits everyone. It's a top pick for locals and tourists looking for a great dining spot on the Adelaide Riverbank.

Adelaide Riverbank: Red Ochre Grill

riverside dining at adelaide

Located in Adelaide Riverbank, Red Ochre Grill offers a special dining experience focusing on South Australian ingredients and Indigenous Australian flavors. Here's what you can expect when you visit:

  1. Native Flavors: Enjoy a diverse menu that combines traditional Australian ingredients with modern cooking methods, creating a unique culinary experience.
  2. Australian Meats: Treat yourself to the best Australian meats, expertly cooked to highlight the region's delicious tastes.
  3. Amazing Views: While you dine, take in the stunning city views that enhance your time at Red Ochre Grill.

With a dedication to showcasing the finest South Australian offerings, this restaurant is a top pick for those looking for an unforgettable food journey in Adelaide.

Adelaide Riverbank: Home Ground

Situated by the Adelaide River, Home Ground is a lively dining spot with awesome views of Adelaide Oval and the Torrens River. It's a cool place for some fun by the river and to enjoy the city's skyline while eating. Home Ground is a new place that's become popular with locals and tourists. You can tuck into some Aussie grub and set menus while gazing at the beautiful city. Whether you want a special meal or just a chill place for food and drinks, the Malt Shovel Taphouse at Home Ground is a top spot in Adelaide.

Adelaide Hills: K1 By Geoff Hardy

winery in adelaide hills

Sitting on a gentle hill, K1 By Geoff Hardy invites guests with its amazing views and delicious food. Here are three reasons to visit this hidden gem in the Adelaide Hills area:

  1. Food and wine pairing in the vineyard: Enjoy a unique dining experience surrounded by vineyards, perfectly matched with exceptional wines from the K1 collection.
  2. Fine dining with stunning views: Treat yourself to a fancy meal while taking in the stunning panoramic views of the beautiful landscapes that encircle the restaurant.
  3. Top-notch quality and service: Renowned for using fresh, seasonal ingredients and offering exceptional service, K1 By Geoff Hardy stands out as a must-visit spot for special occasions and wine enthusiasts.


Next time you're in Adelaide and feel like dining by the beach, make sure to visit these top restaurants along the coast. Enjoy fresh seafood at The Oyster Bar in Glenelg or take in the stunning views at Star of Greece in Port Willunga. Whether you're a local searching for a new spot or a visitor wanting to taste the finest beachfront dining in Adelaide, these restaurants are perfect for satisfying your cravings.

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