Port Lincoln to Streaky Bay – What to See

On your trip from Port Lincoln to Streaky Bay, be amazed by the Aussie sea lions at Point Labatt Conservation Park and the ancient pink haystacks at Murphy's Haystacks, standing strong for over 1,500 years. Explore the fascinating Whistling Rocks and Blowholes, where the ocean puts on a show. Take a relaxing swim at Smoothpool and Granites, learn about the past on the Westall Way Heritage Trail, and soak up the coastal beauty at Lincoln National Park. For a thrilling experience, try diving with great white sharks in Port Lincoln. Keep going to Tumby Bay and beyond for more surprises.


  • Meet Australian sea lions at Point Labatt Conservation Park.
  • Check out ancient rock formations at Murphy's Haystacks.
  • See the cool Whistling Rocks and Blowholes.
  • Chill out at Smoothpool and Granites with peaceful coastal views.
  • Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and soft sandy beaches at Venus Bay.

Point Labatt Conservation Park

clifftop sanctuary for wildlife

Discover the amazing world of Australian sea lions at Point Labatt Conservation Park in Streaky Bay. Watch these magnificent creatures as they relax on the rocks or playfully interact with each other. The park works hard to protect the sea lions and their homes for a sustainable future. With special viewing platforms, you can observe the sea lions up close without disturbing them. It's a special experience to see these incredible animals in action, surrounded by the beautiful coastal views of Point Labatt Conservation Park. Don't miss the chance to connect with nature and learn about the conservation work that helps save the Australian sea lions.

Murphy's Haystacks

Close to Streaky Bay, you'll discover Murphy's Haystacks, ancient rocks shaped like pink haystacks that amaze all who visit. These unique formations have been around for over 1,500 million years, showing off the natural beauty of the Eyre Peninsula. When you wander around the area, you'll be fascinated by the patterns and colors of these huge boulders, each one sharing a piece of Earth's history. The views from Murphy's Haystacks are truly stunning, giving you a peek into the ancient past of this region. It's no surprise that this spot has become a favourite for tourists wanting to connect with nature and witness the wonders of our planet up close.

Whistling Rocks and Blowholes

nature s symphony on display

Between the crashing waves and salty sea breeze at Streaky Bay, you'll find a natural wonder – the Whistling Rocks and Blowholes. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Whistling rocks story: The Whistling Rocks have a long history, shaped by the powerful ocean, creating these unique formations that make a whistling sound.
  2. Blowholes sounds: When the waves hit the rocks, they push air through small openings, creating a magical mix of sounds that fill the air.
  3. You can see water shooting up through the blowholes, showing off nature's strength in a mesmerizing way.
  4. The Whistling Rocks and Blowholes area not only gives you amazing sounds but also stunning views of the ocean, making it a must-visit for nature lovers and photographers.

Smoothpool and Granites

As you head towards Streaky Bay, make sure you check out Smoothpool and Granites. The beautiful coastal views will leave you in awe, and the interesting rock formations are perfect for exploring. Take a refreshing swim in the calm waters of Smoothpool, creating lasting memories of your coastal journey.

Scenic Coastal Views

Explore the stunning views of Smoothpool and Granites on the Streaky Bay coast.

  1. Take amazing photos of the rugged coastline and unique rock formations. Perfect for snapping striking pictures!
  2. Relax with a swim in the calm waters of Smoothpool. Great for a refreshing dip or just chilling by the beach.
  3. Enjoy the breathtaking sight of the Granites against the blue waters. It's a mesmerizing view for all visitors.
  4. Discover the natural beauty of the rock formations and clear waters. A must-see for nature lovers!

Rock Formations Exploration

When you visit Streaky Bay, you'll be captivated by the cool rock formations at Smoothpool and the Granites. These rocky wonders give you a close-up look at the wild beauty of the coast. Smoothpool has a natural rock pool surrounded by big boulders, inviting you for a peaceful swim or a chill-out moment. The Granites are massive rocks that make a striking backdrop for your walks and photos by the sea. Check out the fascinating details of these formations, showing how nature has shaped them over time. Get ready to be wowed by the stunning beauty of South Australia's coast at Smoothpool and the Granites.

Swimming in Tranquility

Dive into tranquility at Smoothpool and the Granites, where clear waters and beautiful granite formations make for a peaceful swimming spot. These quiet getaways offer a chance to enjoy the beauty of Streaky Bay in a special way, away from the busy crowds. Here's what you can look forward to when you visit:

  1. Calm waters perfect for a relaxing swim surrounded by stunning landscapes.
  2. A peaceful and quiet vibe that's great for unwinding and soaking in nature.
  3. Clear waters that tempt you to take a dip and rejuvenate your senses.
  4. Smooth rocks adding a touch of beauty and creating a peaceful setting for your swim.

Westall Way Heritage Trail

historic trail in town

Discover Streaky Bay's history on the Westall Way Heritage Trail. This trail shares stories of the town's past. Walk or ride along and see old buildings and artifacts. Learn about the early settlers and their impact. Dive into the maritime, agricultural, and indigenous history of Streaky Bay. Take your time exploring the landmarks at your own pace. Understand the diverse history that shaped Streaky Bay into the lively place it is today.

Venus Bay

Located on the stunning west coast of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, Venus Bay is a beautiful spot worth visiting for these reasons:

  1. Beach Time: Feel the soft sand under your feet, listen to the waves, and relax in the sea breeze.
  2. Sunset Views: Watch the sky turn into a painting at sunset, with golden colors reflecting on the water.
  3. Venus Bay Conservation Park: Check out the park's wildlife, do some bird watching, take a walk in the dunes, and enjoy nature.
  4. Camping and Caravan: Spend a night in Venus Bay, surrounded by its beauty, for an immersive experience.

Tahlia Caves

exploring tahlia caves adventure

Discover the fascinating underground world of Tahlia Caves near Streaky Bay in South Australia. These caves are famous for their beautiful formations and narrow pathways. They are ancient wonders that give you a special peek into what lies beneath the ground. Guided tours will show you amazing stalactites, stalagmites, and huge chambers that reveal the history of the region's geological past. The unique rock shapes and mysterious tunnels create a magical feeling, encouraging you to explore the hidden secrets of the Earth. Tahlia Caves offer an exciting adventure for those who want to uncover the natural beauty and history hidden beneath South Australia's surface.

Greenly Beach

Explore the beauty of Greenly Beach, a hidden treasure near Streaky Bay with pristine sandy shores and breathtaking coastal scenery. Here's why Greenly Beach is a must-visit coastal spot:

  1. Soft Sand: Feel the velvety white sand beneath your feet that stretches along the beach.
  2. Tranquil Retreat: Enjoy the peaceful cliffs and the soothing sound of waves crashing on the rocks.
  3. Great Fishing: Try your luck fishing in the clear waters for a chance to catch local fish.
  4. Nature's Beauty: Capture the stunning views of the Southern Ocean, a paradise for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike.

Coffin Bay & Coffin Bay National Park

exploring coffin bay s beauty

Enjoy the tasty food in Coffin Bay and explore Coffin Bay National Park. Coffin Bay is famous for its fresh seafood, especially the delicious oysters. Join a fun oyster boat tour in the national park to see how oysters are farmed and taste these yummy treats. Don't forget to swim with friendly sea lions and dolphins in Baird Bay for a memorable experience with marine animals. Discover the stunning sand dunes, clear waters, and interesting rocks in Coffin Bay National Park. If you love natural beauty, visit the pink waters of Lake MacDonnell near Penong, it's a sight to behold because of its high salt content.

Lincoln National Park

Get ready for an adventure in Lincoln National Park! You'll be amazed by the stunning views of the coast and the chance to see some incredible wildlife. The park has impressive cliffs, beautiful beaches, and crystal-clear waters where you can enjoy activities like whale watching and hiking. Keep an eye out for kangaroos and emus as they move around in this lovely natural setting.

Park Highlights

Discovering Lincoln National Park near Port Lincoln means finding stunning cliffs, hidden beaches, and rugged landscapes. This nature paradise offers:

  1. Coastal Camping: Enjoy a magical evening by hiking to spots with amazing views of the sunset painting the sky in beautiful colors.
  2. Sunset Hikes: Begin an enchanting evening by hiking to viewpoints with breathtaking sunset views over the horizon.
  3. Whale Watching: Look out for majestic whales breaching during migration season, a mesmerizing sight that will leave you amazed.
  4. Wildlife Encounters: Spot native animals like kangaroos, emus, and various bird species as you explore the park's different habitats.

Scenic Coastal Views

Experience the stunning coastal views of Lincoln National Park as you drive from Port Lincoln to Streaky Bay. Don't forget your camera for amazing photo opportunities along the way. Explore hidden spots by the cliffs and clear blue waters, offering peace and quiet. The sunsets here are truly beautiful, painting the sky with different colors. Take some time to relax on the quiet beaches and enjoy the natural beauty. Keep an eye out for kangaroos and emus that might pop up in this scenic coastal setting.

Wildlife Encounters

Find a bunch of cool wildlife encounters waiting for you at Lincoln National Park near Streaky Bay.

  1. Get your camera ready for awesome chances to snap photos of kangaroos, emus, and all sorts of birds wandering around the park.
  2. Watch interesting animal actions and discover more about how the environment works by observing shy rock wallabies and rare southern hairy-nosed wombats.
  3. Enjoy the beautiful coastal cliffs and clean beaches that make the perfect setting for spotting these special animals, making your experience even better.
  4. Take part in guided tours or walk along trails to get close to native wildlife, helping to protect them while capturing unforgettable moments in their natural homes.

Shark Cage Diving Port Lincoln

exciting shark diving experience

When you're planning your trip to Port Lincoln, make sure you don't miss out on the chance to try shark cage diving with great white sharks. It's a one-of-a-kind adventure that you can only have in this part of Australia. Dive into the clear waters and see for yourself the amazing behavior of these incredible creatures. Shark cage diving in Port Lincoln lets you take amazing underwater photos that show off the power and beauty of great white sharks in their natural home. From April to June, join an exciting trip with Calypso Star Charters or Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions to come face-to-face with one of the ocean's most fascinating predators. Get ready for an adrenaline rush as you get up close with these awesome creatures, making memories that will stay with you forever.

Tumby Bay

When you reach Tumby Bay, get ready to be surrounded by vivid art murals on the streets, creating a magical vibe. These colorful artworks offer a special creative experience and great photo opportunities. While wandering around, make sure to check out the local dining spots and take in the beautiful coastal views that make Tumby Bay a must-visit spot on your coastal road trip.

Tumby Bay Attractions

Tumby Bay in South Australia is famous for its cool art on buildings and walls. 1. Go for a chill walk in town to check out the awesome murals that show off the community's creativity. 2. Hang out at the nice jetty for some fishing or just to relax by the sea. 3. If you're into fishing, have a go at catching the King George whiting, a local fave. 4. Dive into the art scene at the Tumby Bay Sculpture Garden, where you can see cool art pieces that reflect the town's artistic vibe. Make sure not to miss the yearly Tumby Bay Art Show, a fun celebration of artists from near and far.

Local Dining Options

Discover the tasty food scene in Tumby Bay, with plenty of places to enjoy fresh seafood and local flavors. Grab a bite at the cozy cafes and seafood spots in town, serving up the best fish dishes. Relax by the waterfront while munching on delicious fish and chips. These spots showcase Aussie cuisine, using the best ingredients to delight your taste buds. Whether you want a laid-back meal or a fancy dining experience, Tumby Bay has it all. Experience the true local tastes of this lovely coastal town.

Scenic Coastal Views

Explore the stunning views of Tumby Bay, where colorful art murals line the coastline.

  1. Take photos: Capture the beauty of the blue waters and sandy beaches for your holiday memories.
  2. Enjoy sunsets: Relax with a picnic while watching the sun set, painting the sky in pretty colors.
  3. Feel the breeze: Walk along the shore, feeling the gentle ocean breeze on your skin.
  4. Find peace: Experience the calm of Tumby Bay, where the town's relaxed vibe blends perfectly with the ocean views for a tranquil escape from everyday life.

Head of Bight

whale watching in australia

Many people love coming to Head of Bight to see lots of sea animals and stunning coastal views. This place is really important for southern right whales, and it's a great spot to watch whales and other marine life. From July to September, you can see southern right whales, humpback whales, and playful dolphins during their migration. EP Cruise offers guided tours to help you get the most out of your visit. The tall cliffs by the clear water make a perfect backdrop for watching these huge marine animals up close. If you're a fan of wildlife, this is the place to be for amazing encounters with some of the ocean's most incredible creatures.


From the stunning views at Point Labatt Conservation Park to the heart-pounding excitement of shark cage diving in Port Lincoln, the road trip from Port Lincoln to Streaky Bay is full of amazing sights and adventures. Whether you're checking out ancient rock formations at Murphy's Haystacks or diving into the history along the Westall Way Heritage Trail, this coastal drive has something for everyone. So pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready for an unforgettable journey along the Eyre Peninsula.

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