Places to Apple Pick Near Adelaide

Looking for places to pick apples near Adelaide? Lenswood Pick Your Own Orchard is a top choice with 8 apple varieties and fun activities for families. Harrisville Orchards has a gentle apple-picking method and a cafe with tasty treats. For a pet-friendly option, try Mahnew Orchard for delicious apples and a cozy farm cafe. Rileys Mountain View Orchard offers a peaceful environment and a range of apple types. If you want more than just apples, check out Kersbrook Hill Wines & Cider and Anderson Hill Cellar Door for additional attractions to make your experience even better. There are plenty more places to explore, each with its own special delights waiting for you.


  • Lenswood Pick Your Own Orchard has 8 types of apples to pick from, along with fun activities for the whole family.
  • Harrisville Orchards offers a relaxed apple picking experience and a range of apple varieties to choose from.
  • Kersbrook Hill Wines & Cider provides a serene apple picking setting in orchards famous for their excellent wines.
  • Stanley Bridge Tavern & Orchard has Gala, Rosy Glow, and Golden Delicious apples available for picking.
  • Beerenberg Farm lets you pick strawberries from November to April, and you can enjoy ice cream and jams at their farm cafe.

Lenswood Pick Your Own Orchard

fruit picking farm experience

When you visit Lenswood Pick Your Own Orchard near Adelaide, you can pick from 8 different types of apples. This orchard has lots of fun things for families to do. Kids can play in the big sandpit and check out old tractors. After picking apples and exploring, you can relax at the farm cafe. Enjoy pies, ice cream, coffee, and apple juice made right here. It's a great way to end your day with delicious local treats. Lenswood Pick Your Own Orchard has something for everyone, from apple picking to family fun and tasty snacks.

Harrisville Orchards

At Harrisville Orchards near Adelaide, you'll find a lovely spot in the Adelaide Hills for picking apples and enjoying activities with your family. When picking apples, gently twist and lift them to keep the trees safe. You can choose from a range of apples like Gala, Rosy Glow, Golden Delicious, Sundowner, and Pink Lady. Have fun exploring big sandpits and riding vintage tractors with your family. After a day of picking apples, treat yourself to tasty treats at the farm cafe, like meat pies, apple pies, and fresh apple juice. Also, Harrisville Orchards is a place where dogs are welcome, so bring your furry friends on a lead for a day of outdoor fun.

Mahnew Orchard

apple orchard in mahnew

Come and visit Mahnew Orchard in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. It's a great place for apple picking with your family. You can walk among the apple trees and pick Gala, Rosy Glow, Golden Delicious, Sundowner, and Pink Lady apples. Kids will love filling their baskets with the tastiest apples while enjoying the fresh air and lovely surroundings. After picking, you can relax at the farm cafe and enjoy delicious pies, ice cream, and apple juice made locally. Don't forget, you can bring your furry friends along for a day of apple-scented fun.

Harrisville Orchards

When you head to Harrisville Orchards in the Adelaide Hills, you'll see a beautiful view perfect for picking apples. They have a great variety of apples, like the crunchy Gala and the sweet Pink Lady, so there's something for everyone. You can also have fun checking out old tractors and enjoying yummy apple pies at the farm cafe. It's a day full of joy and tasty treats!

Orchard Location Details

Located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, Harrisville Orchards is the perfect spot for picking apples near Adelaide. You'll find picnic areas, toilets, and shaded spots for breaks as you explore the orchard. Look out for the best apple picking spots with plenty of ripe and juicy apples to pick. Whether you love the sweet crunch of Gala apples, the traditional taste of Golden Delicious, or the zesty kick of a Pink Lady, Harrisville Orchards has a variety to suit every apple lover. Grab a basket, head to a top spot, and have a fantastic day picking apples in this picturesque location.

Apple Varieties Available

Come and pick from a range of apple varieties at Harrisville Orchards, like Gala, Rosy Glow, Golden Delicious, Sundowner, and Pink Lady. Enjoy strolling through the orchards, tasting the different flavors each type offers. Try Gala for a sweet crunch, Rosy Glow for a hint of blush, or Pink Lady for a tangy kick. While you're at the orchard, join in on the fun activities available. Let the kids play in the big sandpit or pretend to drive old tractors. After a day of picking apples and fun, treat yourself to locally baked pies, refreshing apple juice, or a scoop of Hokey Pokey Ice Cream at the Farm Cafe.

Kersbrook Hill Wines & Cider

winery specializing in wine

Come to Kersbrook Hill Wines & Cider for a fun day of apple picking in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. You can pick fresh apples in the peaceful orchards and enjoy the stunning scenery. Besides picking apples, they are famous for their top-notch wines and ciders. Picture yourself walking through the orchards, choosing the best apples, and then relaxing with a glass of their fantastic wine or cider. It's a great mix of nature and expert winemaking. Treat yourself to a wonderful time at Kersbrook Hill Wines & Cider for an unforgettable experience.

Rileys Mountain View Orchard

When you come to Rileys Mountain View Orchard, you'll see rows of apple trees with yummy Gala, Fuji, and Pink Lady types. The orchard is in a pretty spot in the Adelaide Hills, great for a day out with family and friends. Breathe in the fresh air, take in the lovely views, and have fun picking your own apples straight from the trees.

Orchard Overview

Located in the stunning Adelaide Hills near Adelaide, Rileys Mountain View Orchard offers a variety of apple picking experiences for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're a pro at picking apples or new to the activity, the orchard provides easy techniques for all to have fun. With a rich history, the orchard hosts events that celebrate the area's farming traditions, giving you a glimpse into the apple growing process. Strolling through the orchard amidst the beautiful Adelaide Hills scenery brings a sense of peace and connection to nature. Rileys Mountain View Orchard ensures a fantastic and educational day out for families and groups looking to pick fresh, tasty apples.

Apple Varieties

Discovering the apple types at Rileys Mountain View Orchard in the Adelaide Hills is a fun and engaging experience for those who want to pick their own fresh apples. Whether you prefer the crisp sweetness of Fuji apples, the tangy bite of Granny Smith, or the perfect mix of sweet and sour in Pink Lady apples, there's something to suit every palate. While strolling through the orchard, you can enjoy tasting apples straight from the tree, savoring the unique flavors of each type. Exploring the orchard lets you see firsthand how different apple varieties ripen at different times, ensuring a great selection throughout the picking season. Make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity to dive into the world of apples at Rileys Mountain View Orchard.

Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyard

scenic vineyard in australia

Nestled in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyard invites you to enjoy apple picking in a beautiful vineyard setting. The atmosphere at the vineyard is truly captivating, blending nature and farming seamlessly. Walking among the rows of apple trees, you'll be surrounded by the stunning vineyard views, enhancing your apple picking experience. Families can have a great time with the family-friendly activities offered, creating cherished memories together. Make sure to join one of the vineyard tours for a closer look at the apple picking process. Remember, choose apples that are firm and blemish-free for the tastiest ones!

Ashton Valley Fresh

Come to Ashton Valley Fresh in the beautiful Adelaide Hills for a fun apple-picking day out. You can choose from different types of apples and enjoy a great time with your family and friends. Ashton Valley Fresh offers a stunning backdrop and a memorable fruit-picking experience suitable for all ages.

Orchard Location Details

Situated in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, Ashton Valley Fresh is the perfect spot for apple picking lovers. You can enjoy picnics, use the toilets, and relax in the shaded areas at the orchard. Parking is easy to find, so you won't have any trouble getting here. Depending on the time of year, you can pick fresh, crunchy apples straight off the trees and taste the sweetness of each type. You can also join a tour to learn all about how apples are grown and the history of the farm. Whether you're here with family or friends, Ashton Valley Fresh guarantees a great time for everyone, no matter your age. Don't forget to check when the apples are ripe for the best picking experience!

Fruit Picking Experience

Come and pick your own fresh apples at Ashton Valley Fresh in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. When you go fruit picking at Ashton Valley Fresh, remember to pick the best apples by following the right etiquette and using good picking techniques. Stay safe in the orchard by watching out for uneven ground and using ladders carefully to reach higher branches. After you finish picking, store your apples in a cool, dry place to keep them fresh. Ashton Valley Fresh gives you a fun opportunity to enjoy apple picking in the lovely orchards.

Anderson Hill Cellar Door & Restaurant

winery with scenic dining

Come and enjoy apple picking at Anderson Hill Cellar Door & Restaurant in the Adelaide Hills. You can handpick fresh apples in a beautiful orchard surrounded by different apple trees. After picking apples, relax at the cellar door with a wine tasting experience featuring local wines. Anderson Hill offers a special chance to connect with nature, enjoy tasty apples, and savor top-notch wines all in one place. Grab a basket, wander through the orchard, choose your favorite apples, and then treat yourself to a calming wine tasting session – a great way to spend a day in the Adelaide Hills.

Tilbrook Estate

Located in the pretty Adelaide Hills area close to Adelaide, Tilbrook Estate is a family-run apple orchard where you can pick your own apples when it's the apple picking season.

  • Different Types of Apples: You can choose from various types of apples to pick, making your experience interesting and fun.
  • Fun for Families: This orchard is great for families, offering a lovely day out for everyone.
  • Beautiful Views: Enjoy the stunning views of the Adelaide Hills while surrounded by nature.
  • Relaxing Environment: Take in the peaceful and calm atmosphere while you pick fresh apples.
  • Special Events: Join in on seasonal events happening at Tilbrook Estate, adding extra excitement to your apple-picking outing.

Beerenberg Farm

strawberry picking in australia

Tucked away in Hahndorf, Beerenberg Farm lets you pick strawberries from November to April for just $5 per person. You can enjoy picking juicy strawberries for $10.95 per kilogram at this farm. Check their website or Facebook for patch availability before you go. Treat yourself to yummy ice cream and jams at the farm cafe to make your picking experience even more enjoyable. Don't miss out on trying the Berryberg Swirl at the farm shop – it's a delicious treat made with fresh strawberries. Bring your family along, as kids 12 and under can join for free, making it a fun day out for everyone.

The Gully Public House & Garden

Come to The Gully Pub & Garden for a fun apple picking experience in the Adelaide Hills.

  • Relaxing Garden Dining: After picking apples, sit back in the garden and enjoy a tasty meal.
  • Live Music: Listen to live music on certain days for a great atmosphere.
  • Beautiful Views: Take pictures of the stunning scenery while picking fresh apples in the orchard.
  • Family Time: Have a great time with your loved ones, creating memories outdoors.
  • Seasonal Fun: Visit during apple picking season for the best apples.

At The Gully, you can pick apples, dine in the garden, and enjoy live music for a fantastic day out with family and friends.

Stanley Bridge Tavern & Orchard

rustic tavern on orchard

Come to Stanley Bridge Tavern & Orchard in the beautiful Adelaide Hills for a fun apple picking day. You can pick Gala, Rosy Glow, and Golden Delicious apples. Families can enjoy activities like playing on old tractors and checking out farm machines. Adults can relax at the Farm Cafe with yummy pies, ice cream, and fresh apple juice. Also, this place is pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friends on a leash. Donations are welcome to keep the place welcoming for everyone, including pets.


Next time you're looking for a fun and tasty activity near Adelaide, why not try apple picking at one of these top orchards? There are plenty of choices available, so you can enjoy picking fresh apples straight from the tree with your friends or family. Head out to the countryside for a day of apple picking and make some wonderful memories. Don't miss out on this fantastic experience!

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