How Many Suburbs in Adelaide

Are you keen to explore Adelaide, but wondering how many suburbs it has?

Well, Adelaide boasts a total of 346 suburbs, each with its unique vibe, amenities, and attractions!

From beachside spots to lively city areas, Adelaide's suburbs cater to all kinds of lifestyles and tastes.

With each suburb having its own postcode, understanding this system can enhance your Adelaide experience.

While wandering around the city, you'll come across a mix of old and new neighborhoods, each with its own story and charm.

Interested to learn more about the biggest suburbs, oldest areas, and hidden treasures?


Adelaide has 346 suburbs, each with its own unique vibe. The suburbs are grouped into different postcode areas for mail and navigation convenience. Knowing the postcode system can help you find suburbs and handle postal services better in Adelaide. The suburbs in Adelaide vary from coastal spots to busy city centers, each offering different amenities. Places like Morphett Vale and Mawson Lakes, the largest suburbs, have grown in population, leading to improved facilities and services.

Adelaide Suburbs by Postcode

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Adelaide's suburbs are conveniently divided into different postcode areas, each with its own unique code. This system helps with mail delivery and navigating the city.

Each suburb has a specific postcode, making it simple to locate and manage postal services. The system ensures efficient sorting and delivery of mail. Postcodes make it easy to find a suburb and its services quickly.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, understanding Adelaide's postcode system can enhance your experience. So, remember the postcodes next time you're in Adelaide and explore the city like a pro!

History of Suburb Development

When you check out Adelaide's suburbs, you'll see they all have their own unique history. It all started back in the early 1800s when places like Burnside and Beaumont were first set up.

As time passed, more suburbs popped up, mixing old neighborhoods with new ones that adapted to changes in people and city planning. This growth brought about different styles of houses over the years.

The impact of suburb development on the community has been big, shaping how people live and who they are. From the cute cottages in Henley Beach South to the modern houses in Kidman Park, each suburb's story is part of what makes Adelaide special.

Types of Suburbs in Adelaide

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Adelaide has a variety of suburbs to suit your lifestyle, from coastal spots to city hubs. When picking a suburb, think about what's important to you. Do you want to be close to the beach or near the city? Some suburbs have great parks and facilities, while others have a lively arts scene.

Look at what each suburb offers to find the right fit. If you love food, choose a suburb with lots of cafes. If you enjoy community events, pick one with regular festivals. Understanding each suburb's vibe will help you find your ideal home.

Suburban Regions and Districts

Adelaide's suburbs are divided into different regions and districts, each including a group of nearby suburbs with similar features and services. When you check out these areas, you'll see that each district has its own unique mix of suburban perks, catering to different types of people.

Some areas have lively shopping areas, while others are known for their peaceful parks and green spaces. By knowing what each region offers, you can choose the best place to live that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Whether you're a young worker, a family, or a retiree, Adelaide's suburban regions have something for everyone. Explore the distinct vibe of each district, and you'll find the perfect spot to settle down.

Largest Suburbs by Population

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You'll see that some of the biggest suburbs in Adelaide, like Morphett Vale, Parafield Gardens, Salisbury, and Mawson Lakes, have become lively communities with different types of people and lots of things to do. These areas have grown a lot in population, changing how Adelaide looks overall.

More people moving in means the city has had to build more things like better buses, new schools, and places for the community to gather. This has made life better for the locals, who can now enjoy modern facilities and services.

The suburbs have their own special features, like parks, shops, and events, that make them popular with both residents and tourists. Learning about Adelaide's largest suburbs can give you a good idea of the exciting and busy city life here.

Oldest and Newest Suburbs

When you check out Adelaide's suburbs, you'll find a lot of history in the older areas. Places like Burnside, set up in 1839, and Auldana, started in 1847, show how newer suburbs came to be.

Let's look closer at the oldest and newest suburbs and what makes them special.

Founding Years Revealed

Burnside, the oldest suburb in Adelaide, was founded in 1839. On the other end of the spectrum, Kidman Park, Adelaide's newest addition, was established in 1954.

Looking at how Adelaide's suburbs grew over time, you can see how historical events shaped the city. In the early 1800s, settlements like Hindmarsh and Auldana popped up in 1838 and 1847, respectively.

But in the mid-1900s, growth slowed down. Suburbs like Beulah Park and Flinders Park were founded in 1941 and 1953. This timeline shows how history influenced the city's suburban development, with times of fast growth and times of slower progress.

Pioneer Settlements Uncovered

Adelaide's old and new suburbs show how the city has changed over time. From Burnside to Kidman Park, you can learn about the city's history and growth.

Auldana, started in 1847, and Burnside, in 1839, are some of the oldest areas. Beulah Park (1941) and Kidman Park (1954) are newer places. These suburbs tell the story of how Adelaide has developed, from old times to modern living spaces.

Birth of New Areas

Discover how Adelaide has changed over time by looking at the oldest and newest suburbs. Auldana, founded in 1847, is one of the oldest, while Kidman Park, established in 1954, is among the newest.

These different founding years show how Adelaide has grown and changed. Learning about when suburbs like Burnside, Campbelltown, and Hindmarsh were created gives us a glimpse into how Adelaide's neighborhoods have developed over time.

Explore the stories behind these suburbs to see how they've influenced the city we know today.

Suburbs by Distance From CBD

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Around 140 suburbs circle Adelaide's central business district. They range from close ones like Glenelg and Norwood, just 6-7 km away, to further out areas like Elizabeth and Salisbury, 25-30 km out.

Adelaide has a mix of old and new suburbs, each with its own vibe. Urban planning has shaped the city's growth, creating diverse neighborhoods. You might wander through Athelstone, 10 km northeast, or visit coastal spots like Henley Beach and Grange, 12-15 km west.

Every suburb has a unique story, showing how Adelaide has changed and expanded over time.


As you've explored the suburbs of Adelaide, you've probably noticed the city's diverse mix. There are more than 300 suburbs to check out, offering a range of choices.

Whether you like the beach, hills, or living close to the city, Adelaide has something for everyone. So, where will you decide to settle down?

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