Eight Top-Rated Wine Restaurants in Adelaide

Adelaide, recognized for its thriving wine scene, is home to several highly-regarded wine restaurants. These establishments offer a perfect fusion of fine wines and gastronomic delights. Whether you’re an avid wine enthusiast seeking carefully chosen wine lists or a food lover searching for excellent food and wine combinations, Adelaide’s diverse wine dining scene has lots to offer.

From intimate wine bars to refined restaurants, the city provides wine and food lovers with many choices. These wine-dedicated establishments highlight the finest from South Australia’s winemaking regions and bring forth fresh, creative methods to marrying food and wine, encouraging patrons to relish in the city’s dynamic food and wine scene.

St Hugo Winery + Restaurant

The St Hugo Winery + Restaurant in the stunning Barossa Valley is an acclaimed spot for wine connoisseurs and food enthusiasts. With its top-tier wines and refined menu, this establishment provides a high-quality dining experience that differentiates Adelaide’s culinary scene.

The Restaurant is recognized locally and globally and attracts visitors who appreciate fine dining and wine tasting. The menu is specially designed to feature the best produce of the region and to complement the acclaimed wines of St Hugo.

Whether a group outing or a quiet dinner for two, the St Hugo Winery + Restaurant provides a classy ambience for relishing gourmet meals and fine wines, this place is a must-visit for those aiming to experience the crème de la crème of the Barossa’s wine and dining offerings.

Harvest Kitchen, Barossa Valley

Positioned in the scenic Barossa Valley, Harvest Kitchen offers an array of wines focused on sustainable, organic, and bio-dynamic production methods, reflecting the region’s dedication to excellent dining experiences influenced by local tastes and global inspirations.

The Restaurant’s wine expert has carefully selected a wide range of local wines, highlighting the South Australian region’s soil and climate characteristics. Harvest Kitchen honours the area’s culinary and winemaking traditions, providing an exceptional opportunity to enjoy what the Barossa Valley offers.

The Restaurant’s commitment to environmentally conscious wine producers further enriches the dining experience, ensuring that each glass of wine is flavorful and kind to the planet.

With its flavorful and traditional varieties, Harvest Kitchen is an ideal destination for wine lovers seeking a genuine Barossa Valley experience.

McLaren Vale Winery Restaurants

wine and dine mclaren

Located in the charming region of McLaren Vale, winery restaurants provide a comprehensive journey that honours the deep-rooted culture of the local wine industry and enhances the wine and dining scene in South Australia.

These dining establishments offer a generous collection of local and foreign wines handpicked by accomplished wine experts. Each wine list is thoughtfully designed to exhibit traditional and modern wine varieties, setting the stage for a tranquil wine and dining experience.

Patrons can indulge in the area’s top wines while sampling a variety of dining offerings, from laid-back to high-end, all centred around wine and food combinations.

The restaurants focus on local ingredients and eco-friendly practices, cultivating an inviting atmosphere for customers to taste the essence of McLaren Vale while understanding the craft of winemaking.

Coriole Vineyards and Gather Restaurant

Located in the visually stunning Fleurieu Peninsula, Coriole Vineyards and Gather Restaurant extend the refined wine and dining culture McLaren Vale’s winery restaurants are famous for.

The vineyard produces various wines in-house, allowing guests to taste local wines while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Gather Restaurant uses seasonal and regional ingredients, offering a unique dining experience in an aesthetically pleasing locale.

The bar’s wine list features some of the finest wines from Adelaide’s local vineyards, sourced from small-scale growers and makers.

This venue is ideal for group meals or for those wanting to experience the wine bars of Adelaide outside of the city centre.

It’s no wonder that Coriole Vineyards and Gather Restaurant stand out among the high-quality wine restaurants in Adelaide.

D’arenberg (D’arrys Verandah or the Cube)

unique winery with architectural marvel

D’arenberg is a renowned destination for wine enthusiasts, housing the famous D’arrys Verandah restaurant and the strikingly designed Cube in Adelaide’s prime wine region.

The wine offerings at D’arenberg are a fascinating mix of local takes on classic varieties, providing an abundant selection that harmonizes local favourites with global tastes, slightly favouring international wines. The Restaurant strongly supports farmers and producers who follow sustainable, organic, and bio-dynamic farming methods.

Patrons can savour a glass of wine while appreciating the distinct and artistic design of the Cube. Here, D’arenberg’s sommeliers are ready to suggest less-known wines for those wanting to venture beyond the usual.

Additionally, D’arenberg takes pride in the prohibition-inspired cocktail served at Bar Torino, adding an exciting spin to the wine-focused experience.


Adelaide’s wine restaurants present an array of highly-rated venues for wine connoisseurs and gastronomy enthusiasts. These establishments boast meticulously curated wine lists and stunning cellar dining spaces, promising a delightful experience for all tastes.

Whether you’re in the mood for a relaxed wine bar outing or a luxurious culinary journey, Adelaide’s wine restaurants cater to all preferences, ensuring a memorable experience.

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