Best Wineries in Barossa Valley

When you're in Barossa Valley, make sure you visit the best wineries for an unforgettable time. Yalumba, with its rich history dating back to 1849, offers top-notch Shiraz in an eco-friendly setting. Seppeltsfield, established in 1851, impresses with its aged tawny wines and stunning sunset views. Henschke, a family-owned treasure since the 1860s, provides outstanding wines and beautiful vineyard scenery. Artisans of Barossa, a group of eight labels, serves up unique wines in a cool and relaxed atmosphere. St Hugo Wines, founded in 1980, creates charming and elegant handpicked wines. Exploring these wineries will leave you wanting more, satisfying both your taste buds and spirit.


  • Yalumba: The oldest winery in the area, known for its top-quality Shiraz and Viognier. They are committed to sustainability and offer vineyard tours. They are also a member of prestigious wine families.
  • Seppeltsfield: Renowned for their aged tawny wines, offering historic tours and boasting the beautiful Avenue of Palms. Enjoy stunning sunset views and try their top-notch Sparkling wines.
  • Henschke: Established back in the 1860s, this family-run winery produces top-quality wines. They offer group tastings and a special Hill of Grace experience for visitors.
  • Artisans of Barossa: This collection of eight small wineries offers unique wines in a modern cellar door setting. They are pet-friendly and perfect for relaxed outings.
  • St Hugo Wines: Founded in 1980, this winery crafts handcrafted wines and offers a classy tasting room. Explore their vineyards with guided tours and experience their historic charm.


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Discover the old-world charm of Yalumba, one of the oldest wineries in Barossa Valley, dating back to 1849. Experience the joy of wine tasting, where each sip shares a tale of tradition and quality. Yalumba is famous for its top-notch Shiraz and Viognier wines, made with skill passed down through the years. Join a tour of the vineyard and see firsthand the careful process that goes into creating these exceptional wines, from grape to glass. Stroll through the lovely gardens, taking in the sweet scents that echo a long history of winemaking. As a member of Australia's First Families of Wine, Yalumba proudly maintains a tradition of excellence and forward thinking. Feel their strong commitment to sustainability in every aspect, showing their deep care for the land and their craft.


Discover the old-world charm and top-notch wines at Seppeltsfield Winery, which opened in 1851 and is famous for its aged tawny wines and interactive cellar door experience. Explore the past at Seppeltsfield's cellar door, where you can try their renowned 100-year-old Tawny wines. Founded by Joseph Seppelt, the winery offers a unique Taste of History Tour, a beautiful Avenue of Palms, on-site dining options, a distillery, and even an art studio. Enjoy stunning sunset views from the 1860s cottage at Seppeltsfield, making your wine-tasting experience truly special. As Australia's top Sparkling wine producer, Seppeltsfield guarantees a memorable journey through time and taste in the Barossa Valley.


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Established back in the 1860s, Henschke Wines is well-known for making top-quality wines from single vineyards in the Barossa Valley. At the historic Henschke cellar door, you can enjoy group tastings and special wine experiences to truly appreciate their outstanding wines. If you love wine, make sure not to miss the Henschke vineyard tours, where you can see firsthand the careful process that goes into each bottle. A must-do at Henschke is the Hill of Grace experience, where you can taste their signature Shiraz and understand the history and passion behind every sip. Being a family-run winery with a long heritage, Henschke welcomes you to soak in the beautiful vineyard views and be part of the legacy of this iconic Barossa Valley spot.

Artisans of Barossa

Artisans of Barossa is where you'll find eight small Barossa wine labels, each offering unique wines to try. Their modern cellar door has a laid-back eatery called Delikatessen for a chilled dining experience. Plus, Artisans of Barossa welcomes pets, so you can bring your furry mates along. Imagine enjoying a glass of top-notch wine with your pet beside you, taking in the stunning Barossa views. This friendly place is perfect for wine lovers and those who want a relaxed day out with their pets. Explore the cellar door and taste the delicious wines from different artisan producers in this lovely spot.

St Hugo Wines

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Explore St Hugo Wines, a famous winery started in 1980, known for its top-notch, handcrafted wines and classy tasting room with a view of the stunning Barossa Valley. When you enter the tasting room, you'll see the beautiful views that perfectly match the outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz wines they are known for. Make sure you join a vineyard tour to see firsthand the effort and passion put into making each bottle. You can also enjoy cellar door tastings, taking you on a delightful journey through their amazing collection. The old, historic buildings add a touch of charm, making your visit to St Hugo Wines even more special. Immerse yourself in the beauty and flavors of this respected winery.


Whether you love wine or just want a great time, Barossa Valley has it all. From the old Seppeltsfield to the new Artisans of Barossa, each winery tells a story of the region's wine-making past. So, grab a glass, have a taste, and enjoy the flavors of Barossa Valley – you'll love it! Here's to a wine adventure in this stunning Aussie spot. Cheers!

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