Best Wineries in Adelaide Hills

If you're after the best wineries in Adelaide Hills, Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard is a top choice. Their wines are exceptional, and the views are simply stunning. Picture yourself enjoying a glass surrounded by beautiful landscapes on a vineyard tour. Plus, don't forget to experience their romantic sunset picnics with valley views, adding a touch of magic to your wine adventure. Another must-visit is K1 by Geoff Hardy, located by a picturesque lake, offering special museum stock selections for a truly memorable time. These are just a taste of what Adelaide Hills has to offer, where each winery has its own unique story to share, unveiling a world of wine wonders.


  • Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard: Enjoy breathtaking views, top-quality wines, and romantic sunset picnics.
  • K1 by Geoff Hardy: Sit by the lake, try rare wines, and have an unforgettable tasting.
  • The Lane Vineyard: Visit a modern tasting room, taste handcrafted wines, and relax in a peaceful setting.
  • Shaw + Smith: Known for eco-friendly ways, sustainable practices, and making cool climate wines since '89.
  • Howard Vineyard: Focuses on sustainability, run by a family, and produces cool climate wines.

Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard

beautiful vineyard in adelaide

Come and enjoy the stunning views and top-notch wines at Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard, a top-rated Cellar Door in Adelaide Hills. Join a tour of the vineyard to see the beautiful landscapes and learn all about how the wine is made. Treat yourself to delicious wine pairing dinners, where each sip perfectly matches the flavors of the gourmet food. Watch the sunset during a romantic picnic with a view of the valleys, creating a magical atmosphere for your evening. Taste special vintages that each have a unique story to tell. A visit to Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard guarantees a mix of peace, sophistication, and outstanding wines that you'll remember for a long time.

K1 by Geoff Hardy

Located in the Adelaide Hills, K1 by Geoff Hardy offers a stunning lakeside spot for a different wine tasting adventure. Known for its top-notch wines, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings while trying out exceptional vintages. Dive into their special museum stock tastings to discover more about their premium selections – showcasing their expertise and dedication to making quality wines. Specializing in popular Adelaide Hills varieties, the winery offers guided wine tastings and lunches, letting you fully enjoy the flavors of the region. With a focus on outstanding wines and a beautiful setting, K1 by Geoff Hardy is a must-visit for wine lovers looking for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Shaw + Smith

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Discover Shaw + Smith, a top winery in Adelaide Hills since 1989 by cousins Martin Shaw and Michael Hill Smith. They're famous for their amazing cool climate wines and fantastic wine experiences.

  • Winemaking: Shaw + Smith uses clever techniques to make top-notch sauvignon blanc, M3 Chardonnay, shiraz, and pinot noir.
  • Green practices: They're big on being eco-friendly, making sure their vineyards and methods are kind to the environment.
  • Food matches: Enjoy yummy food pairings with their wines to make your tasting even better and try new flavors.
  • Events: Shaw + Smith hosts fun events at their cellar door, like guided wine tastings, vineyard tours, and special wine experiences for all wine fans.

The Lane Vineyard

When you visit The Lane Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills, you'll be greeted by a modern tasting room with amazing views. The architecture blends beautifully with the natural surroundings, creating a peaceful atmosphere for wine lovers. The Lane Vineyard is well known for their skill in blending wines, creating unique flavors that reflect the region's terroir. Don't miss trying their hand-crafted wines paired with delicious foods that enhance the wine tasting experience. The vineyard also values sustainability, making sure their practices protect the environment and support the Adelaide Hills ecosystem. Have a great day enjoying wine tasting, good food, and stunning views at this top-notch winery.

Howard Vineyard

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Howard Vineyard is a family-owned winery in the Adelaide Hills. They offer a friendly place to enjoy top-notch cool climate wines.

  • Wine Pairing: Enjoy the perfect mix of flavors with their well-crafted wine pairings.
  • Vineyard Tours: Take a tour of the beautiful vineyards and learn about how they make their wine.
  • Sustainable Practices: Howard Vineyard is all about being eco-friendly, ensuring a cleaner future for winemaking.
  • Seasonal Events: Join in on the fun with special events held throughout the year, adding extra excitement to your visit.

Come and enjoy the beauty of the Adelaide Hills at Howard Vineyard, where you can savor great wine, support sustainability, and experience seasonal delights.

Deviation Road

When you visit Deviation Road, get ready for a wonderful time with amazing wines and stunning views. This family-owned winery is famous for its top-notch sparkling wines that will excite your taste buds. While you enjoy their high-quality wines, you'll also soak in the beauty of the Adelaide Hills, making your time at Deviation Road truly special.

Stunning Wines and Views

Experience the magic of stunning wines and breathtaking views at Deviation Road in Adelaide Hills.

  • Wine pairing tips: Get expert advice on the best flavors to pair with your wine.
  • Vineyard tours: Dive into the winemaking process with fun and informative vineyard tours.
  • Picnic spots: Enjoy a relaxing picnic in the beautiful nature spots on the winery grounds.
  • Sunset tastings: Savor wine tastings against the backdrop of a stunning sunset.

Family-Owned Boutique Winery

Discover the beauty of Deviation Road, a small family-owned winery in Adelaide Hills. Known for its top-notch cool climate wines, this charming spot is perfect for intimate gatherings. Imagine enjoying delicious food pairings that take your wine tasting experience to the next level. At Deviation Road, you can relax on a lovely deck with stunning views of the vineyards and treat yourself to their famous tasting plates. Try a variety of high-quality wines, from sparkling to reds, each sip showcasing the winery's commitment to excellence. Experience the essence of Adelaide Hills winemaking, where every glass tells a tale of passion and tradition.

Award-Winning Sparkling Wines

Discover the award-winning sparkling wines from Deviation Road, known for their top quality and praise in Adelaide Hills.

  • Stay up-to-date with sparkling wine trends with Deviation Road's innovative approach.
  • Experience exceptional quality and complexity in their sparkling wines from meticulous winemaking techniques.
  • Enhance your tasting adventure with perfect food pairings for Deviation Road's sparkling wines.
  • Learn how the aging process shapes the unique flavors in Deviation Road's renowned sparkling wines.

Handorf Hill

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Nestled in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, Handorf Hill Winery offers a unique wine experience with a focus on traditional German grape varieties. They specialize in Austrian wines like Gruner Veltliner, being the first in South Australia to produce this in 2010. With four different styles of Gruner Veltliner, they show a commitment to tradition and old vineyards. They also use organic farming methods to make their wines even better. One of their top wines, the Hahndorf Hill Blueblood Blaufrankisch 2019, won a double gold medal at the Melbourne International Wine Competition 2022. With their award-winning wines and dedication to authenticity, Handorf Hill Winery is a top spot in the Adelaide Hills wine scene.

Pike & Joyce

When you swing by Pike & Joyce in the Adelaide Hills, get ready for a top-notch wine tasting experience that will excite your taste buds. Savor their high-quality wines while soaking in the stunning views of the vineyard that seem to stretch endlessly. With outstanding wines and beautiful surroundings, Pike & Joyce is a must-visit spot for wine lovers keen on enjoying the charm of the Adelaide Hills.

Wine Tasting Experience

Come to Pike & Joyce for a special wine tasting experience. Learn about different premium cool climate wines with a guide. Try blending your own wine flavors and discover the best food pairings. Talk to our friendly staff who know a lot about making wine. Enjoy the beautiful vineyard views while you taste and smell the amazing wines.

Scenic Vineyard Views

Get lost in the stunning views of vineyards and hills at Pike & Joyce winery in Adelaide Hills. The sweeping scenery is perfect for sunset picnics or romantic trips. Savor their top-notch wines while soaking in the beauty of the landscape. Pike & Joyce showcases the best of Adelaide Hills with a friendly cellar door and a variety of wines to taste. Whether you love wine or just want a peaceful getaway, Pike & Joyce will mesmerize you with the natural beauty of the area.

Sidewood Estate

winery in the adelaide hills

Sidewood Estate is the biggest sustainable winery in Adelaide Hills. They are famous for making top-quality wines.

You can try their wines at the apple shed, where they have fun tastings that show how they care for the environment.

Popular picks include the Sidewood Stablemate Shiraz 2021 and Sidewood Estate Pinot Noir 2021.

Their restaurant serves tasty Australasian food that pairs well with their wines.

Enjoy stunning views and learn about sustainability at Sidewood Estate for a memorable wine tasting experience in Adelaide Hills.

Hahndorf Hill Winery

When you visit Hahndorf Hill Winery, get ready to be amazed by their fantastic wine range. From South Australia's first Gruner Veltliner to the top-notch Hahndorf Hill Blueblood Blaufrankisch 2019, each sip shares a unique story of the land. Enjoy memorable tasting sessions that highlight their commitment to preserving tradition and supporting old vineyards.

Stunning Wine Selection

How does Hahndorf Hill Winery's awesome wine range show off the special Austrian Gruner Veltliner in the Adelaide Hills area?

  • Discover the best dishes to enjoy with Hahndorf Hill's Gruner Veltliner, making your tasting experience even better.
  • Join a tour of the vineyard to find out about how they make wine and the story behind South Australia's first Gruner Veltliner.
  • Pop into the cellar door to try out limited edition bottles, like the famous Hahndorf Hill Blueblood Blaufrankisch 2019.
  • Dive into the award-winning wines of Hahndorf Hill Winery, known for honoring tradition and supporting old vineyards.

Award-Winning Vineyard

In the old Hahndorf village, Hahndorf Hill Winery stands out as a top-notch vineyard known for its focus on Austrian grape varieties and high-quality wines. They're all about sustainable methods and unique grapes like Gruner Veltliner and Blaufrankisch. Hahndorf Hill Winery made South Australia's first Gruner Veltliner in 2010 and they're still wowing everyone with their special wines, like the famous Hahndorf Hill Blueblood Blaufrankisch 2019. Winning double gold at the Melbourne International Wine Competition 2022 proves their skill and love for tradition. You can visit the vineyard to see their organic farming and enjoy Austrian-inspired wines right in the Adelaide Hills wine region.

Unique Tasting Experiences

Treat yourself to the unique charm of Hahndorf Hill Winery's special tasting experiences. Discover Austrian grape varieties like Gruner Veltliner, a standout at the winery, showcasing their innovative winemaking. Get hands-on with interactive tastings that make the winemaking process come alive, creating lasting memories. Enjoy food and wine pairings that perfectly complement each other, highlighting the art of matching flavors. Immerse yourself in the stunning Adelaide Hills surroundings, where every sip is a moment to remember.

Heirloom Vineyards

family owned winery producing exceptional wines

Heirloom Vineyards, a local winery in Adelaide Hills, is all about keeping it in the family and celebrating special old vineyards in the area. They're well-known for their riesling, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, and pinot grigio wines. Heirloom Vineyards recently won a top award for their McLaren Vale Shiraz 2020. They really care about looking after the land and making sure their vines are sustainable and organic, which results in top-notch wines. By sticking to their family traditions, Heirloom Vineyards avoids using too many chemicals, letting the grapes shine in their natural state. When you drop by Heirloom Vineyards, you'll not only get to taste fantastic wines but also feel the love and history that goes into each bottle, making it a must-visit spot in Adelaide Hills.

Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyards

Nestled among the beautiful Adelaide Hills, Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyards offers stunning views and top-notch wines.

  • Take a tour to see how they make their wines.
  • They started in 1992 and have vineyards in deep valleys.
  • Try their sauvignon blanc, riesling, chardonnay, and pinot noir with food pairings.
  • They have 19 wines, with 7 scoring 93 points or more, showing their dedication to quality.

Enjoy a top-notch wine tasting experience surrounded by the beauty of Adelaide Hills. Each sip tells a tale of hard work and love for winemaking.

Bird in Hand

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When you go to Bird in Hand, get ready for a wine tasting experience like no other. Imagine enjoying delicious wines while soaking in the stunning views of the vineyards. It's a perfect mix of luxury and nature that will give you unforgettable memories of Adelaide Hills.

Wine Tasting Experience

Discover an amazing wine tasting experience at Bird in Hand, a family-owned winery in the Adelaide Hills known for their top-quality wines and commitment to sustainability.

  • Food Matches: Enjoy tasty food pairings chosen to enhance the different wines they offer.
  • Taste Descriptions: Dive into the rich flavors of their famous Chardonnay and sauvignon blanc, as well as other delicious types like riesling, merlot, and pinot gris.
  • Special Experiences: Have a relaxing picnic in the vineyard with gourmet food and wine baskets.
  • Luxury Touch: Spoil yourself with premium nests that come with personal concierge service, adding a touch of sophistication to your wine tasting journey.

Scenic Vineyard Views

The stunning views at Bird in Hand Winery in Adelaide Hills are a beautiful sight to enjoy while tasting their wonderful wines. You can sit back, relax, and take in the rolling hills and lush greenery that surround you. The vineyard's elevated spot gives you a great view of the area, making your wine experience even more special. Picture having a picnic at sunset with your family or friends, watching the sky turn golden as you unwind in this gorgeous setting. Bird in Hand Winery's vineyard views also make it a perfect spot for weddings amidst nature's beauty, creating a magical backdrop for your big day.

Golding Wines

Golding Wines in Adelaide Hills offers a special winery experience with DIY picnics and luxury nests with stunning views. Here's what you can enjoy at Golding Wines:

  • Luxury nests: Relax in these fancy nests with top-notch service.
  • Natural wines: Try their sauvignon blanc and pinot noir made with minimal chemicals.
  • Vegan options: They have a range of wines suitable for vegans.
  • Beautiful views: Enjoy the lush gardens and scenic views, perfect for wine lovers looking for quality and a great atmosphere.

Longview Vineyard

scenic vineyard in australia

Tucked away in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, Longview Vineyard is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway. Enjoy delicious Italian-inspired meals and top-notch wines while taking in the breathtaking vineyard views. Choose between the cozy homestead or the modern lodge for your stay, both offering a unique experience. After a day of wine tasting and exploring the stunning Adelaide Hills, unwind in the peaceful atmosphere of Longview Vineyard's accommodations. Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind cellar door experience and bask in the serenity of this charming vineyard retreat.


In Adelaide Hills, you'll find some top-notch wineries that are among the best in Australia. Whether you visit the picturesque Mount Lofty Ranges Vineyard or enjoy the award-winning wines at Shaw + Smith, there's something for every wine lover to appreciate. It doesn't matter if you're a wine expert or just want a nice day out, the wineries in Adelaide Hills offer a special and unforgettable experience that you shouldn't miss. So, grab a glass, have a sip, and relish the flavors of this stunning region. Cheers!

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