Best Weekend Getaways in South Australia

Discover the best weekend trips South Australia has to offer. From fancy vineyard retreats in Adelaide Hills and Barossa to the laid-back coastal vibes of Fleurieu Peninsula, there's a perfect escape for you. Enjoy the historic Murray River, relax on Kangaroo Island, or try out unique stays in Riverland. Explore quiet getaways in Clare Valley, nature adventures on Kangaroo Island, and the stunning scenery of Limestone Coast. Treat yourself to great food, beautiful views, and activities that will make your weekend unforgettable.


  • Peaceful eco-friendly cabins in Adelaide Hills for a calm getaway.
  • Enjoy the coastal vibes of Fleurieu Peninsula with top wineries and stunning beaches.
  • Explore the natural beauty of Kangaroo Island for exciting wildlife encounters.
  • Admire the scenic wonders of Limestone Coast, including the beautiful Blue Lake and Coonawarra wines.
  • Experience unique stays in Riverland along the Murray River, with luxurious houseboats and fine dining options.

Adelaide Hills Retreats

luxurious accommodations in nature

Looking for a peaceful break in the Adelaide Hills? CABN offers eco-friendly cabins like Jude, Matilda, and Georgia for a unique retreat. These off-grid tiny homes let you stay sustainably amongst nature. For a more private escape, consider the pavilions at Lenswood. Adults-only accommodations like Ruhe and Merak feature open wood fires and deck hot tubs for a tranquil retreat. Whether you want an eco-friendly stay or a secluded getaway, Adelaide Hills has options to suit you. Relax in these serene spots, away from the busyness of everyday life.

Luxury Vineyard Escapes in Barossa

Treat yourself to fancy vineyard getaways in Barossa, where luxurious stays and immersive wine experiences are ready for savvy travelers. The Louise is a top-notch option, rated by Travel and Leisure as one of the best 100 hotels worldwide. At The Louise, enjoy superb dining at Appellation while being surrounded by endless grapevines for a total vineyard immersion. Have a laid-back vineyard picnic with breathtaking views and join wine tasting tours to try the region's best wines. Whether you love wine or just want a peaceful getaway, Barossa's posh vineyard retreats offer a perfect mix of relaxation and indulgence. Relax in style, sip on amazing wines, and make lasting memories in this stunning wine region.

Coastal Charm of Fleurieu Peninsula

seaside serenity in australia

When you visit the Fleurieu Peninsula, get ready to be amazed by beautiful beaches like Port Willunga and top-notch wineries all around. If you love the outdoors, you'll have a blast exploring Deep Creek National Park and more. Make sure to stroll through the lovely coastal towns with their markets and delicious food waiting for you to discover.

Stunning Beaches and Wineries

Discover the beauty of Fleurieu Peninsula, just a short drive from Adelaide. Imagine picnicking on the beach at Port Willunga or watching the sun set over the vineyards in McLaren Vale. You can go on coastal walks, then enjoy wine tastings in the vineyards. Fleurieu Peninsula has stunning scenery and delicious food and drinks for you to enjoy. Whether you're at Rapid Bay or trying local wines, this area is a great place to relax. Take time to experience the coastal beauty and wine culture of Fleurieu Peninsula.

Outdoor Adventures Galore

Discover the beauty of Fleurieu Peninsula with a range of outdoor activities perfect for exploring this stunning area. Paddle along the rugged coastline in a kayak, taking in the clear waters and breathtaking cliffs and secret coves. Nature lovers can enjoy bird watching, spotting a variety of bird species in their natural homes. Picture the excitement of seeing colorful parrots or mighty sea eagles soaring above as you wander through the pristine landscapes. Whether you're cruising on the water or admiring the feathered locals, Fleurieu Peninsula is a paradise for outdoor adventures that will astound you with its natural charm.

Charming Seaside Towns

Tucked away on the stunning coast of Fleurieu Peninsula are lovely beach towns that have a relaxing vibe and lots to see and do. Check out places like Victor Harbor with its sandy beaches, whale watching, and the famous horse-drawn tram to Granite Island. Enjoy activities like surfing, fishing, and exploring historic spots while trying out delicious local food. The Fleurieu Peninsula has beautiful coastal spots such as Port Willunga and Rapid Bay, ideal for beach bums and nature lovers looking for a peaceful getaway by the ocean. Treat yourself to tasty meals at seaside eateries like Star of Greece, where you can feast on fresh seafood and enjoy breathtaking views of the sea.

Secluded Getaways in Clare Valley

If you're looking for a quiet escape in Clare Valley, you'll discover peaceful retreats surrounded by beautiful wineries and vineyards. Picture yourself walking along scenic hiking trails with stunning views of the hills and vineyards, offering a tranquil break from your daily routine. Clare Valley is a special place where you can relax and connect with nature in a serene setting.

Tranquil Retreat Options

Relax in the peaceful nature of Clare Valley's hidden retreats, perfect for those craving quiet and calm. Picture yourself in cozy, eco-friendly cabins tucked away in the remote wilderness, where all you hear are rustling leaves and chirping birds. Imagine sipping a freshly brewed coffee on a deck overlooking lush greenery, breathing in the fresh, clean air. These secluded spots offer a great escape from the busyness of everyday life, letting you reconnect with nature and recharge your energy. So, pack your bags, leave your worries, and head to Clare Valley's serene sanctuary.

  • Eco-friendly cabins: Blending seamlessly with the environment.
  • Remote hideaways: Where peace and solitude reign.
  • Nature's embrace: A haven for the spirit.

Wineries and Vineyards

Explore the quiet beauty of Clare Valley's wineries and vineyards, perfect for a peaceful getaway surrounded by stunning views and delicious wines. Make sure to have a picnic in the vineyards, enjoying local wines while taking in the scenery. Join wine tasting tours at well-known cellar doors like Mr. Mick Cellar Door and Sevenhill Cellars to try the best wines and learn about how they're made. Clare Valley is a great spot for a romantic weekend escape, with its serene atmosphere and lovely surroundings. Don't forget to check out the Riesling Trail, perfect for cycling or leisurely strolls through the beautiful vineyards. Clare Valley's wineries and vineyards are a hidden treasure just waiting to be explored.

Scenic Hiking Trails

If you love nature and want a quiet getaway, check out the beautiful hiking trails in Clare Valley. The Riesling Trail is 33 kilometers long, winding through vineyards and hills, perfect for a relaxed stroll in wine country. You'll discover cute towns, historic spots, and local wineries along the way. It's a peaceful retreat to escape the city and enjoy the natural beauty all around you.

Nature Adventures in Kangaroo Island

exploring kangaroo island s beauty

Discover the amazing natural wonders of Kangaroo Island with thrilling adventures in its different landscapes and abundant wildlife. Get up close to wildlife by walking on scenic trails that wind through beautiful surroundings, giving you a peek at native animals in their natural homes. Dive into the clear waters around the island to see colorful marine life and impressive rock formations beneath the surface. At Seal Bay Conservation Park, you can watch Australian sea lions relaxing on the sandy beaches, a truly captivating sight. If you're looking for a peaceful getaway surrounded by nature's beauty, head to Flinders Chase National Park, where stunning landscapes offer the perfect setting for both relaxation and exploration. Kangaroo Island's exciting nature adventures ensure an unforgettable journey into the heart of South Australia's wilderness.

Beachside Bliss on Yorke Peninsula

When you're planning your beachside trip on Yorke Peninsula, get ready for a dose of seaside charm and plenty of things to do. With more than 700km of coastline, you'll have endless chances to swim, fish, and enjoy water activities. And with accommodation options to suit everyone, from cozy beachfront cottages to fancy eco-retreats, you'll have a comfy place to stay for your beach adventures.

Coastal Charm and Activities

Looking for a relaxing coastal getaway with beautiful beaches? Yorke Peninsula is the place to be! Enjoy delicious seafood with a view of the ocean, chill out with beachfront yoga, and dive into surfing or kayaking adventures. Explore charming seaside towns like Port Hughes, Moonta Bay, and Marion Bay for a unique coastal experience. Don't miss the chance to stroll, shop, and enjoy the local hospitality. Yorke Peninsula is the perfect place for coastal fun and relaxation.

Accommodation Options Available

Explore different places to stay at Beachside Bliss on Yorke Peninsula, from luxurious beach houses right by the shore to snug cabins. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing just outside your window in a beautiful beachfront home. Experience the cozy comfort of a cabin tucked away in the coastal dunes, offering a peaceful break from daily life. Each option comes with private beach access and modern facilities for a relaxing retreat. Enjoy outdoor areas for BBQs and spacious living spaces for relaxing evenings. Whether you fancy the luxury of a beach house or the charm of a cabin, Beachside Bliss on Yorke Peninsula has something for everyone looking for a refreshing weekend by the sea.

Tranquil Riverland Retreats

serene river escapes found

Escape to peaceful Riverland getaways by the Murray River for a unique and tranquil experience. Stay in fancy houseboats like The Frames or Pike River Luxury Villas for a special retreat. Treat yourself to delicious meals at Twenty Third Street Distillery and Mallee Fowl Restaurant, where local flavors shine. Have fun with activities like canoeing and houseboat trips to explore the beautiful surroundings. Riverland offers a mix of luxury, nature, and good food for a relaxing and enjoyable weekend away in South Australia.

Scenic Beauty of Limestone Coast

Discover the beauty of Limestone Coast in South Australia. Enjoy the stunning Blue Lake with its mesmerizing cobalt colors. Taste the delicious wines of Coonawarra from local estates and breweries. Explore hidden gems and fun attractions all around. Visit the enchanting Naracoorte Caves and stay at the affordable Pine Country Caravan Park. The Limestone Coast has something for everyone, making it perfect for budget travelers looking for a memorable weekend getaway full of beauty and adventure.

Historic Charm in Murray River

charming murray river history

Step back in time and soak up the old-world charm of Murray River. Discover attractions like Monarto Safari Park and Dark Sky Sanctuary that will capture your imagination. This region offers a mix of riverside tranquility and chances to spot amazing wildlife. As you wander along the Murray River, be sure to treat yourself to tasty local food right by the water. You'll find historical sites scattered around, sharing tales of the past and showcasing the area's heritage. Whether you're after a peaceful waterfront getaway or an adventure with native animals, Murray River will give you a truly memorable experience blending history, nature, and relaxation in a special way.

Island Escapes: Kangaroo Island

Discover Kangaroo Island, a magical place you can reach by plane or ferry. It's famous for its incredible wildlife and stunning coastal views. Stay in fancy places like One KI and Stowaway Kangaroo Island, where you can enjoy awesome sights and great facilities. Just imagine waking up to the sound of waves and spotting kangaroos hopping around. At Seal Bay Conservation Park, you can watch cute sea lions chilling in the sun, which will totally amaze you. For a bit of excitement, check out Remarkable Rocks, where massive granite boulders have been shaped by nature into cool formations. Kangaroo Island is the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, making it a top pick for a quick getaway.

Unique Stays in Riverland

quirky accommodations in riverland

Discover a unique stay experience in Riverland with luxurious accommodations and stunning settings for your weekend escape. You can choose from upscale options like:

  • Luxury houseboats: Enjoy the peaceful Murray River on a fancy houseboat, where comfort meets nature.
  • Fine dining: Treat yourself to delicious local dishes at places like Twenty Third Street Distillery and Mallee Fowl Restaurant.
  • Relaxing activities: Try canoeing or houseboat rides along the river for a calming way to explore Riverland's beauty.


In short, South Australia has a variety of weekend getaways for all types of travelers. Whether you want to relax in vineyards, explore nature, or enjoy the history along the Murray River, there's something for everyone. So grab your stuff, hit the road, and enjoy the beauty and charm of South Australia on your next weekend getaway. Happy travels!

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