Best Hidden Camping Spots in South Australia

Start your South Australian adventure by exploring hidden camping spots like Perlubie Beach, known for its stunning coastline and relaxed atmosphere. Watch the sunrise at Wilpena Pound, where you can choose between powered and unpowered campsites for the ultimate exploration experience. Enjoy the breathtaking sunsets at Cable Bay, painting the sea in vibrant colors. Escape to the tranquility of Ocean Beach, surrounded by pristine natural landscapes. Explore the captivating Talia Caves with their impressive cave systems and coastal views. Treat yourself to a luxurious camping experience in the Coonawarra wine region. Intrigued? Uncover more secluded wonders in South Australia for your next outdoor getaway.


  • Talia Caves on Eyre Peninsula: Great for exploring caves and catching beautiful sunsets over the Great Australian Bight.
  • Pink Gum Campground in Blewitt Springs: Neat and dog-friendly, just a short hop from the city for easy access.
  • Chalks Campground in Mount Crawford: Surrounded by lush forests, perfect for RV and tent camping, and your furry friends are welcome too.
  • Pine Ridge on Eyre Peninsula: Pet-friendly camping on a vast farm, only a quick drive from town.
  • Kuitpo Forest on Fleurieu Peninsula: Serene plantation with Chookarloo campground, perfect for families and nature enthusiasts.

Perlubie Beach Campground, Eyre Peninsula

seaside camping spot paradise

Looking for a great spot for your next camping trip in South Australia? Perlubie Beach Campground on the Eyre Peninsula could be just what you need. This beachfront camping area is famous for its stunning coastal views, especially during sunset. One cool thing about Perlubie Beach is that you can easily launch boats from the shore, which is perfect for water enthusiasts. The campground has clean toilets that flush, making your stay more comfortable. It's a family-friendly place with a peaceful vibe, great for a laid-back camping experience. Enjoy the calm surroundings of Perlubie Beach Campground and make lasting memories by the ocean.

Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges

Nestled in the stunning Flinders Ranges, Wilpena Pound offers a fantastic camping experience for nature lovers. You can choose a powered site for extra convenience or an unpowered one for a more basic setup. Wilpena Pound has something for everyone. You can enjoy climbing, exploring, and even take scenic flights for amazing views of South Australia. There's an airstrip too, so you can have thrilling aerial adventures in the Flinders Ranges. The peacefulness at sunrise is truly breathtaking, making each morning special. After a day of outdoor fun, you can head to nearby resorts for food and relaxation, wrapping up your camping trip at Wilpena Pound.

Cable Bay Campground, Innes National Park

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Situated at the bottom of Yorke Peninsula, Cable Bay Campground in Innes National Park provides campers with stunning views of sunrise over the Marine Park of Southern Spencer Gulf. Picture waking up to the soft colors of the sun painting the sky while seabirds glide above. This hidden gem isn't just for early birds; it's a paradise for those who love capturing sunsets. As evening sets in, the horizon turns into a display of bright colors, ideal for capturing awe-inspiring moments. If you're fortunate, you might even catch sight of marine animals frolicking in the waters below, adding an extra touch of wonder to your camping adventure. Cable Bay Campground truly offers a mix of natural beauty and peace that is hard to come by elsewhere.

Ocean Beach, Coorong National Park

Discover the beauty of Ocean Beach in Coorong National Park. There are 12 campgrounds with 63 designated camping areas for you to enjoy. These campsites offer a unique experience, perfect for nature lovers seeking a peaceful escape. You can only reach them with a 4WD vehicle, adding to the sense of seclusion and tranquility. Wake up to the sound of waves, the sight of twinkling stars, and the promise of a stunning sunrise over the water. Ocean Beach is a hidden gem with pristine coastal landscapes, making it the perfect spot for immersing yourself in nature and creating unforgettable camping memories.

Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island

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When you pitch your tent at Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island, get ready for an incredible coastal experience. The beautiful white sands and blue waters will surround you, offering stunning views of the Great Southern Ocean. This quiet and secluded camping spot also gives you the chance to see wildlife, making your outdoor adventure even more special.

Scenic Coastal Camping

Snuggled up on the stunning Kangaroo Island coastline, Vivonne Bay is a top spot with its beautiful white sandy beaches and calm blue waters, perfect for beach lovers. Camping at Vivonne Bay lets you soak in the beauty of the Great Southern Ocean while having bonfires on the beach under the starry night sky. You can also enjoy scenic coastal walks along the rugged cliffs and amazing views the bay has to offer. Picture waking up to the sound of gentle waves lapping the shore, all set for a day of outdoor fun. With free camping options, Vivonne Bay is a great choice for those after a special camping experience in a peaceful setting with stunning scenery.

Wildlife Encounters

When you visit Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island, you'll have the chance to see some amazing wildlife. As the sun goes down, the bay becomes a hub of activity for animals like possums and echidnas. You might hear the rustling of leaves and the occasional owl hoot, adding to the magic of the night. If you're an early riser, you can also spot colorful rainbow lorikeets and majestic sea eagles flying over the clear waters. Whether you prefer staying up late or getting up early, Vivonne Bay is a great place to see diverse wildlife in a stunning natural setting.

Remote and Peaceful

Explore the quiet campsites at Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island for a peaceful getaway surrounded by stunning nature. Vivonne Bay is a perfect spot for those wanting a tranquil break and some alone time. The white sandy beaches and clear blue waters make this remote camping area ideal for relaxation and getting back to nature. Great for fishing and beach activities, Vivonne Bay offers a calm setting for outdoor fun. The beautiful views of the Great Southern Ocean make this hidden gem one of Australia's most gorgeous beaches. Whether you enjoy chilling on the beach or exploring the wilderness, Vivonne Bay provides a special camping experience for unwinding and feeling refreshed.

Talia Caves, Eyre Peninsula

When you plan your camping trip to the Eyre Peninsula, don't forget to check out the stunning Talia Caves. Situated along the wild coastline, these caves are a dream for cave explorers. Picture yourself wandering through the worn sandstone cliffs that create intricate cave systems, a paradise for adventure seekers. Talia Caves also offer the most amazing sunset views over the Great Australian Bight, a moment you'll always remember. Enjoy a camping experience off the grid, away from the busy daily life, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the coast. With 20 bush camping spots, this hidden gem guarantees a camping adventure like no other, surrounded by the best of nature.

Glamping, Limestone Coast

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Get ready for a fancy camping experience in the Coonawarra wine region of the Limestone Coast! Stay in a cozy bell tent surrounded by ancient red gum trees, some as old as 400 years. This retreat has everything you need for a comfortable stay, including showers, toilets, and a claw foot bath. Picture yourself enjoying a glass of local wine while soaking in the peaceful atmosphere of the red gum trees. It's the perfect place for a relaxing escape, where you can fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings and treat yourself to a unique glamping adventure. This spot is known as one of the top camping spots in South Australia for those looking for a bit of luxury in the wild.

Kuitpo Forest, Fleurieu Peninsula

Nestled in the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, Kuitpo Forest welcomes you to explore its 3,600 hectares of peaceful plantation and native bushland. When you arrive at Chookarloo campground, just a short walk from the Information Centre, you'll find 23 campsites ready for your camping trip. These campsites offer a simple but cozy setting for your adventure in nature. Wander along nature trails that meander through ancient red gum trees, soaking up the magical atmosphere of Kuitpo Forest, a great spot for families and nature lovers.

Forest Camping Experience

Escape to Kuitpo Forest on the Fleurieu Peninsula for a peaceful camping trip surrounded by nature. Pitch your tent among tall trees and take stunning photos of the forest. At night, look up at the starry sky far from the city lights. Cook up tasty campfire meals and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. With 23 campsites offering the basics, focus on the tranquil Eucalypt woodland and the variety of birds in the area. This hidden treasure is the perfect setting for your forest camping experience.

Nature Trails Exploration

Explore the many nature trails in Kuitpo Forest on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Walk through the 3,600 hectares of plantation and native bushland, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Enjoy bird watching and take great photos. These trails aren't just for exercise; they're also a chance to relax and be mindful in nature. With diverse birdlife and a peaceful atmosphere, it's a perfect place to unwind. Whether you're camping with family or hiking alone, Kuitpo Forest has something for everyone. Don't forget your camera and binoculars to see the amazing views and wildlife in this hidden treasure.

Chalks Campground

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Nestled in Mount Crawford, Chalks Campground is a haven for nature lovers, offering RV and tent-friendly spots surrounded by lush forests and wildlife. This welcoming campground is dog-friendly, perfect for families looking for a peaceful getaway. Explore the beautiful outdoors, ideal for tent camping and discovering local sights. Chalks Campground in Mount Crawford is a great choice for those with pets, providing amenities and activities for both humans and their furry companions. Enjoy the tranquil setting and easy access to town, creating a simple and clean outdoor retreat for nature enthusiasts. Whether you're an experienced camper or new to the scene, Chalks Campground is a hidden gem in South Australia waiting to be explored.

Pink Gum Campground In Blewitt Springs

Tucked away in the quiet beauty of Blewitt Springs, Pink Gum Campground is a peaceful spot for tent camping fans in South Australia. The campground offers a tidy and simple outdoor area, perfect for a relaxing camping adventure. You can bring your furry mates as it's a dog-friendly spot. It's super easy to get to, being close to the city. While you're here, make sure to check out the lovely bushwalk trails that wind through the stunning scenery. At night, don't forget to look up and enjoy the starry sky for some amazing stargazing moments.

  • Great for tent camping in Blewitt Springs, South Australia.
  • Provides a neat and modest outdoor space for camping fans.
  • Dog-friendly campground for pet owners.
  • Close to the city for easy access.
  • One of the top camping spots in South Australia for a peaceful outdoor experience.

Pine Ridge, Eyre Peninsula

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Located in the beautiful Eyre Peninsula, Pine Ridge campground sits on a vast farm, providing a peaceful spot for your camping trip. It's only a short 20-minute drive to town, so you can enjoy nature while still being close to everything you need. Whether you want to relax under the stars, explore the wilderness, or do outdoor activities, Pine Ridge offers a great mix of solitude and convenience for your camping experience.

Pine Ridge Location

Discover Pine Ridge, a peaceful camping spot spread across 70 acres of farmland in Yahl, South Australia. Here's what makes this hidden gem a perfect retreat:

  • Situated in a calm farmland setting, Pine Ridge is ideal for campers seeking tranquility.
  • Whether you prefer tent camping or RVs, there's plenty of space for a relaxing outdoor experience.
  • Just a quick 20-minute drive from town, Pine Ridge offers a mix of convenience and seclusion for a peaceful getaway.
  • With wide open spaces and lush woodlands, this campground is a perfect place to unwind and connect with nature.
  • Pine Ridge is pet-friendly, so you can bring along your furry friends for a welcoming stay.

Camping Facilities Nearby

Close to Pine Ridge in Yahl, South Australia, you'll find camping spots on the Eyre Peninsula. It's a great place for fishing and relaxing by the water. Pine Ridge has everything for families, perfect for a fun outdoor trip. Whether you're setting up a tent or parking your RV, this campground has options for everyone. Situated on 70 acres of peaceful farmland, it's only a 20-minute drive from town. Surrounded by trees and wildlife, Pine Ridge is a peaceful choice for a calming getaway.

Nature Activities Available

Situated at Pine Ridge in Yahl, South Australia, you can enjoy a range of outdoor activities on the Eyre Peninsula. Here are some nature activities you can do:

  • Outdoor Yoga: Find peace in the tranquil farmland setting at Pine Ridge campground while practicing yoga outdoors.
  • Bird Watching: Explore the diverse bird species on the Eyre Peninsula with your binoculars, from colorful parrots to majestic eagles.
  • Bushwalking: Take a relaxed walk or a more challenging hike through the beautiful landscapes around Pine Ridge, immersing yourself in nature.
  • Stargazing: Witness the clear night sky and countless stars shining over the campground as the sun sets on the Eyre Peninsula.
  • Photography: Capture the stunning natural beauty at Pine Ridge, including breathtaking sunsets and unique plants and animals.

Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Karatta

Nestled in the peaceful area of Karatta, Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary has heaps of outdoor fun for nature fans. It's not just for camping; it's all about looking after nature and helping wildlife. Whether you like biking, fishing, walking, or spotting wildlife, Hanson Bay has you covered. Picture strolling on quiet beaches or exploring lots of trails with beautiful views all around you. This sanctuary in Karatta has something for everyone, from relaxing beach walks to exciting hikes. Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is a mix of outdoor activities and nature care, perfect for anyone wanting to connect with the environment.

Newland Head Conservation Park

beautiful coastal park south australia

Looking for a peaceful escape near Waitpinga beach on the Fleurieu Peninsula? Newland Head Conservation Park is the perfect place for a relaxing outdoor adventure. Here's what you need to know:

  • Stay at Waitpinga Campground, a popular spot, especially during holidays.
  • Enjoy amazing coastal views and rugged landscapes.
  • The campground offers a serene outdoor experience near the beach.
  • Make sure to book campsites early for long weekends and holidays.
  • Explore the beauty of the Fleurieu Peninsula with the park's coastal hiking trails.


Whether you're a camping pro or keen for a new adventure, South Australia has some awesome secret spots for you to check out. From beautiful beachside campsites to tranquil bush hideaways, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So grab your gear, hit the road, and soak in the beauty of nature at these hidden camping spots in South Australia. Get ready for a great camping experience!

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