Best Coffee Places in Adelaide

Explore Adelaide's top coffee spots! Sibling and Soho Coffee Roasters brew local beans, while Mascavado Café & Pâtisserie offers coffee tastings. Paddy Barrys is a must for tasty bites and chilled brews, and Exchange Specialty Coffee is known for their excellent espressos. Unley hosts workshops, latte art classes, and a lively coffee crowd. For seaside vibes, check out Summertown Studio or Coffylosophy for top-notch brews. In Adelaide Hills, Fourth Hill Providore serves up unique blends in a gorgeous setting. Port Adelaide's local cafes boast waterfront views and a maritime feel. Discover amazing coffee, stunning views, and more in Adelaide's diverse coffee scene!


  • Sibling and Soho Coffee Roasters have some of the best local coffee in Adelaide City.
  • Veneziano Coffee Roasters serve exceptional coffee in North Adelaide.
  • Paddy Barrys in Adelaide CBD offers a variety of food options and popular cold brew.
  • Summertown Studio has a relaxed beachy vibe for coastal coffee delights.
  • Mighty Mighty Coffee Roasters in Adelaide Hills provide unique coffee experiences.

Top Picks in Adelaide City

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If you love coffee in Adelaide City, you'll find some top spots that serve up special brews in cozy settings. Cafes like Sibling and Soho Coffee Roasters focus on local roasts, offering a variety of blends to suit different tastes. Places like Mascavado Café & Pâtisserie and My Kingdom For A Horse often host coffee tasting events, where you can try new flavors and brewing styles. The friendly staff and comfy atmosphere make these cafes a great place to savor your coffee. With cool decorations and live events, these spots offer more than just a drink – they give you a whole coffee experience to enjoy, whether you're a local or a visitor.

Hidden Gems in North Adelaide

Tucked away in the lovely streets of North Adelaide are some hidden coffee spots just waiting to be discovered. This cozy neighborhood has nooks and crannies that cater perfectly to your coffee fix. Veneziano Coffee Roasters stands out with their top-notch coffee that will impress even the pickiest coffee lover. Another gem worth checking out is Seven Grounds in Brompton, known for its unique coffee offerings that make it stand out from the crowd. While exploring the varied coffee scene in North Adelaide, you'll come across a mix of specialty cafes, each with its own special vibe. Whether you're into trendy roasters or quaint cafes, North Adelaide is a secret paradise for coffee enthusiasts looking for something extraordinary.

Must-Try Cafes in Adelaide CBD

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Explore the lively coffee scene in Adelaide CBD with these top cafes that promise a unique and enjoyable coffee adventure. Paddy Barrys is a trendy café loved for its diverse food menu and popular cold brew. Leisurely Coffee serves outstanding coffee, perfectly paired with Ona beans for top-notch brews. Exchange Specialty Coffee is famous for its smooth espressos and rich filters, all ethically sourced. For consistent quality, don't miss Elementary Coffee with its in-house roasting. Larry & Ladd, a coffee hotspot, offers a variety of signature blends to suit every taste, along with delicious breakfast options to kickstart your day. Visit these cafes for an unforgettable coffee experience in Adelaide CBD.

Unique Coffee Experiences in Unley

Discover Unley's unique coffee scene by trying out different coffee experiences at local cafes and roasteries. Join workshops and tastings to explore specialty coffee and learn more about the art of brewing. Watch baristas compete to make the perfect cup of coffee, showcasing their skills and passion. Take part in coffee art classes to create your own latte designs. Immerse yourself in the lively coffee community of Unley, where every sip has a story and every barista is a coffee expert.

Coastal Coffee Delights

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Start your day with a tasty coffee at some of Adelaide's coastal spots, each with its own vibe and delicious flavors. Picture enjoying your coffee by the beach or near the sea, taking in the fresh ocean scents. Summertown Studio in Somerton has a cool beachy feel, retro decorations, and yummy coffee. If you're after award-winning brews, Coffylosophy on Hutt Street in Adelaide is the place to go, offering top-notch coffee and special gluten-free, dairy-free choices. Peter Rabbit, set in a cozy backyard inside a shipping container, bakes fresh pastries daily for a delightful treat. And at Bloom in Adelaide, by River Torrens, you can enjoy a unique 'brunch, bike, and beach' experience with coffee roasted locally by 1645 Coffee Roasters.

Specialty Roasters in Adelaide Hills

Tucked away in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, coffee specialists like Mighty Mighty Coffee Roasters and Fourth Hill Providore offer coffee lovers unique and top-notch coffee experiences. These coffee pros in Adelaide Hills are serious about their roasting techniques, creating blends that excite the palate and enhance the coffee culture in the area. By using high-quality beans and expert roasting methods, visitors can enjoy a variety of special coffees that reflect the dedication and love of the local roasters. The diverse coffee culture in Adelaide Hills not only showcases the stunning scenery but also underscores the significance of finding the best beans and perfecting the roasting process to create unforgettable coffee moments for everyone who visits.

Quaint Cafes in Port Adelaide

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While exploring Port Adelaide, you'll find cute cafes with stunning waterfront views that offer a special coffee experience. Local coffee makers at these charming cafes serve up a tasty mix of flavors that reflect the area's maritime history. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, soak in the local art scene, and be part of the lively community atmosphere.

Charming Waterfront Views

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with stunning waterfront views at Port Adelaide's cozy cafes. Relax by the river, watch boats glide past, and soak in the peaceful atmosphere. These cafes offer more than just coffee; they provide a calming experience that will brighten your day. With great coffee and a serene setting, you'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Take a moment to unwind by the water and appreciate the beauty of Port Adelaide's waterfront.

Local Artisanal Roasters

Take a stroll through the lovely streets of Port Adelaide and uncover hidden spots where local coffee experts make fantastic brews in cute cafes. These roasters are experts at what they do, using special roasting methods to bring out delicious flavors in every cup. What makes these cafes special is their focus on using local ingredients and eco-friendly practices, making sure each sip helps the community and the planet. From special blends to unique single origin coffees, Port Adelaide's coffee scene reflects South Australia's passion for quality and tradition. Enjoy the cozy atmosphere, sip on a perfect cup, and get a taste of Port Adelaide's artisanal coffee culture.

Local Favorites Across Adelaide

Explore some top spots in Adelaide for a great coffee experience.

  1. Paddy Barrys: A trendy café in Adelaide with a diverse menu and a must-try cold brew.
  2. Seven Grounds: A popular coffee joint in North Adelaide known for its top-notch coffee.
  3. Sibling: Located at 96 Gilles St in Adelaide, Sibling is all about sustainability and offers discounts for using reusable cups, making it a hit with coffee lovers.


When you're in Adelaide next, make sure to visit these top spots for a unique and delicious coffee experience. From hidden gems in North Adelaide to specialty roasters in Adelaide Hills, there's something for all coffee lovers to enjoy. Grab a mate, take a walk around the city, and explore the finest coffee Adelaide has to offer. You won't be let down!

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