Best Beaches on Kangaroo Island

Looking for the best beaches on Kangaroo Island? You're in luck! Stokes Bay has cool natural pools and a secret tunnel to explore. Vivonne Bay, known as Australia's top beach, is ideal for sunset picnics. Drive along Emu Bay to see wildlife and enjoy the breathtaking views. Snelling Beach is great for swimming in clear waters and watching dolphins. Hanson Bay Beach is a challenge for experienced surfers due to its big waves. Each beach has its unique charm, offering a mix of fun activities and relaxation. Ready to discover more hidden gems on the island?


  • Vivonne Bay: This beach has been voted the best in Australia. It's great for watching the sunset, having a picnic, and going for a swim.
  • Stokes Bay: You can explore natural pools, a secret tunnel, and hidden caves for a unique beach adventure.
  • Emu Bay: Take a scenic coastal drive right onto the beach. It's the perfect spot for spotting wildlife and unwinding.
  • Snelling Beach: The waters here are clear for swimming, you might even see some dolphins, and the sunsets are picturesque.
  • Hanson Bay Beach: This beach is famous for its big waves, challenging surf conditions, and exciting opportunities for surfing.

Stokes Bay: Natural Pools and Secret Tunnel

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Explore the beauty of Stokes Bay's natural pools and secret tunnel on Kangaroo Island. For those who love adventure, get ready to discover hidden caves that lead to the beach. Dive into the clear waters to see the amazing marine life while snorkeling. The fun doesn't stop at the beach – entering through the 'Secret Tunnel' adds to the excitement of reaching Stokes Bay. Once you step onto the beach, you'll find white sand and natural pools perfect for paddling, body surfing, or simply relaxing in the stunning surroundings. Uncover the magic of Stokes Bay – a hidden treasure waiting to be explored.

Vivonne Bay: Picturesque and Pristine

Discover the stunning beauty of Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island. This amazing spot boasts a six-kilometer beach perfect for relaxation and fun. Voted the best beach in Australia, Vivonne Bay is ideal for sunset picnics and beachcombing. You can have a private beach experience, swimming, sunbathing, surfing, or trying your luck at fishing. Don't forget to visit Vivonne Bay Jetty for some fresh fish. Located on Kangaroo Island, this peaceful place with clear waters and soft sand is perfect for a calm beach retreat. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere and enjoy the natural beauty of Kangaroo Island at Vivonne Bay.

Emu Bay: Unique Driving Experience

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When you head to Emu Bay on Kangaroo Island, be prepared for a stunning coastal drive like no other. The beautiful white sand stretches out in front of you, urging you to explore this charming beach with its special driving experience. Watch out for opportunities to spot wildlife along the way, adding some excitement to your day by the sea.

Scenic Coastal Drive

Get ready for a fun and different driving experience at Emu Bay. Here, you can drive right onto the beach for a beautiful coastal drive. The amazing views of the clear blue water and sandy beach make it a great spot for taking photos or enjoying a relaxing drive at sunset. Driving along the beach at Emu Bay is an exciting adventure that gives you a sense of freedom. You can easily explore the beachfront with a 4WD vehicle. Whether you want to camp by the waves or just cruise along the coast, this beach is perfect for both. Emu Bay is a special place that offers a peaceful drive and a chance for some adventure, making it a must-visit spot on Kangaroo Island.

Pristine White Sands

The beautiful white sands of Emu Bay invite you to enjoy a special driving adventure right on the beach. Relax and soak up the sun on this amazing part of Kangaroo Island's coast. When you drive onto the soft sand, all your worries will disappear, and you'll find yourself in a perfect spot to unwind. Emu Bay's sparkling white sands have won the hearts of many and made it one of Australia's top beaches in 2022. Just a short drive from Kingscote, this beach is easy to reach for a day trip full of sunshine, sand, and waves. Discover the charm of Emu Bay while you enjoy the peace and beauty of this lovely coastal spot.

Wildlife Spotting Opportunities

Discover heaps of chances to see wildlife at Emu Bay on Kangaroo Island. While cruising along the beach, watch out for fun-loving dolphins and adorable penguins. This thrilling drive lets you get close to the wildlife while enjoying the stunning coastal views. Take awesome photos of nature in action, making Emu Bay a dream spot for nature lovers with cameras. Seeing dolphins and penguins from your car adds extra excitement to your beach trip, creating unforgettable memories of Kangaroo Island's beauty.

Snelling Beach: Crystal-Clear Waters

Come and enjoy the clear waters at Snelling Beach on Kangaroo Island. It's a great spot for swimming and snorkeling. The 660m long beach is perfect for watching stunning sunsets and relaxing in peace. You might even see some dolphins swimming gracefully as you take a refreshing swim. Families can have a lovely picnic by the shore and create special memories with the beautiful ocean as their backdrop. Surfers and boogie boarders love the waves here, but we need to be careful to protect the Hooded Plovers that live on this beach. Snelling Beach is a fantastic place where you can enjoy nature's beauty and have fun in the water. It's the perfect spot for a day out by the sea.

Hanson Bay Beach: Surfing Paradise

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If you love surfing and want a challenge, Hanson Bay Beach on Kangaroo Island is the place to be. This beach is famous for its big waves and tough conditions, making it perfect for experienced surfers seeking an exciting ride. When surfing at Hanson Bay Beach, make sure you're skilled enough to handle the strong currents and undercurrents that are common here. It's important to choose the right surfboard that will help you navigate the powerful waves comfortably. This beach may not be ideal for beginners due to its intense nature, but it offers a thrilling experience for surfers who are up for the challenge.

Brown Beach: Serene and Undisturbed

Found on Dudley Peninsula, Brown Beach is a peaceful spot perfect for exploring and snorkeling. The clear waters are ideal for spotting colorful marine life, attracting snorkelers. Along the 1.5 km shoreline, you can search for shells and treasures brought in by the waves. Families looking for a calm getaway will appreciate the quietness of Brown Beach. Next to Browns Beach Campground, you'll find handy facilities for a comfy day at the beach. Enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this stunning place, showcasing Kangaroo Island's natural charm.

Penneshaw Beach: Family-Friendly and Safe

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Penneshaw Beach on Kangaroo Island is a great spot for families. The calm waters and shallow depth are perfect for kids to swim and have fun. There's easy parking, picnic spots, and even guided tours to see penguins. It's a top choice for a family day out!

Safe Swimming Conditions

Make sure your family stays safe at Penneshaw Beach on Kangaroo Island. The beach has calm waters and shallow areas, perfect for a relaxing swim. Lifeguards are on duty to keep an eye out for everyone's safety. Kids can play in the gentle waves while parents chill on the soft sand. There are beach toys available to keep the little ones happy and entertained. Whether you're building sandcastles, playing games, or just enjoying the sun, Penneshaw Beach is a safe and fun place for the whole family to relax and make great memories by the peaceful waters of Hog Bay.

Activities for Families

To enjoy your family time at Penneshaw Beach, try out various activities suitable for all ages. Have fun building sandcastles or playing beach games in the sunny Aussie weather. Look out for family events happening on the shore for extra entertainment. Pack a yummy picnic to enjoy by the beach, soaking in the peaceful vibes and beautiful views. The calm waters and shallow depths make Penneshaw Beach a safe and friendly spot for families to make special memories. Don't forget to greet the local penguin colony, adding a cute touch to your family adventure.


If you're after a great beach experience on Kangaroo Island, you're in luck. The island offers a variety of beaches to suit all preferences. Whether you fancy natural swimming pools, clear waters, or perfect waves for surfing, Kangaroo Island has it all. From the stunning Vivonne Bay to the tranquil Brown Beach, there are plenty of beautiful spots to kick back and relax. So, get your sunscreen, towel, and head to one of these amazing beaches for a fantastic day in the sun on this incredible Aussie island.

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